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A Little Trip to Disneyland!

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59 minutes ago, Mrs sandyseams said:

Visited the Disney family tomb in Norton Disney on Sunday. Thought it appropriate that I went all a bit Minnie Mouse polkadot for the occasion!

Now then it has to be said that this is not your normal Disney sighting although as good as that franchise is I think I definitely prefer Sandyvision in my sights. You are an adorable alluring awesome Lady with not just a cheeky sexy seductively sensual side but one that also conveys an awful lot of fun-filled feminine frolics. What a superb pair of sublimely spectacular legs you have Sandy and the black polka dot stockings are sensational upon them. Visiting a tomb looking as special as this may well have raised one or two from the dead! All that exceptional SHQ spirit Sandy supplemented superbly with that beautiful vibrant face of yours as well. What a glorious sight you make lovely Lady.

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