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Looking at the always stunning Mrs S I’m sure that the after race party was a hot affair for Mr S !!

But as they say “ What happens in vegas stays in vegas”

Or should we say Somerset !!!

Hot as always Mrs S😍😍😍

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On 19/11/2023 at 16:21, Somersetrevival said:

Time to cheer on the prancing horses.

As a die-hard NUFC fan it's often difficult for me to enjoy a red and white outfit but there's always an exception. Plus, it's a different sport so I can cast my admiring words with a gaiety that knows no bounds. You Mrs Sr make weekends worth waiting for and then some. It will certainly be a shame when the GP season finishes although we have the consolation of knowing that your podium performances will return soon in the new year. You look absolutely spectacular lovely Lady and would be well worth finishing quickly to have such a reward waiting. The skirt is spectacularly sublime and then some and perfect for showing off those superb stockings on your sublime stupendous superlative legs. You are a Lady that will always race straight up to our hearts and thrilling excite us around every corner. We just love lapping up your racy performances.

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