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It not stocking of tights so please don't shoot me. But just thought it was interesting that the lovely Laura appears to be wearing an ankle chain on the right ankle. 


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Nope, strappy shoes , 


I am a big fan of Ms Tobin, have posted a few piccies here when she does wear.  And when she wears, she looks amazing.  When bare legged, she is often bruised .



Lovely to see her, albeit in “summer mode” bare legs 




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she's wearing thighs.  normal attire.  so what if she has an ankle chain.  a great figure, a pretty lady, and a wonderful smile.  of course, a man would take her in, and adore her body and legs.  but those are tights from M&S, or calzedonia.   not stockings.  

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Sorry to be controversial, she’s a great girl, very attractive with great attitude but…..she needs to put a few pounds on. She is not slim….she is thin/underweight. She very often wears nylon but her legs are so slight that they don’t look good🤷‍♂️. If she put a few pounds on 10-14 she would probably look so much better in my opinion.

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On 27/08/2023 at 06:24, stockingsrg8 said:

Hi Mr Posh

You are quite correct.

Laura has worn the same Ankle adorment on several days since she returned from holiday.

Lets hope Mr T goes and buys her a nice gold one that she wears everyday !!

It’s the strap on her shoes 


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