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    Anything and everything connected with flat knit nylon.

    Keeping a watchful eye on Penelope.
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    Charnos Moonbeam

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  1. Wearing FF stockings indeed constitutes dressing up.
  2. That will raise her even higher in the esteem of those of us of a certain generation. In fact from lingerie section to mere Bond girl constitutes a sad decline! Where did she go wrong? 😈
  3. A magnificent pair of legs just made for fully fashioned stockings.
  4. That's a great way to demonstrate the sheerness of the stockings!
  5. I love seeing those suspenders peeking out from under the skirt to clasp your stocking tops.
  6. I'm guessing that those nylons are Magnolia. Ah, happy memories!
  7. I can see why this is a favourite!
  8. The views are indeed stunning and thank you for posting them. But I can't help thinking we're not enjoying them quite as much as you did...
  9. I'll say one thing for her - she's a lot easier on the eye than Jeremy Clarkson.
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