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  1. While the shooter is reported to be a registered Republican I don’t think even trump is daft enough to trust a guy with a rifle to hit him in the ear, of even miss him by a foot, from around 130m away. But if this was a democrat politician then some people here would be screaming “false flag” put up job.
  2. I read that “The Democrats” tried to have Trump assassinated. I suspect that if “they” did they’d hire a more professional hitman rather than some poor 20yo kid. And even if “they” did, “somebody” has absolute immunity for it 🙄.
  3. And that is a sad consequence of such violent language that I pointed out yesterday from politicians, and people like you Rowlf accepting that type of violent language as the norm, even making jokes about it.
  4. Rowlf, any comments about Republican Mr Mark Robinson from N. Carolina? And his suggestion about political rivals.. that “some people just need killing”. Clearly another sensible top class politician from the good old USofA! 🙄
  5. Now you know all about everyone and their life… all hail the all knowing Rowlf.
  6. Rowlf, any comments about a Mr Aaron Myers from Seattle? The “good guy with a gun” who shot an unarmed 17yo six times in the back because he thought that 3 kids who were returning an “airsoft” pistol to a sports store were obviously planning a robbery and he had an obligation to act. No marks for guessing the ethnicity or perpetrator or victim.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c4ngkg2e4y2o If that had been anywhere in the good old USofA then there would now be several families in receipt of the most effective (not) thoughts and prayers.
  8. Rowlf, any comments about the attempted carjacking at the home of a Supreme Court Judge? I wonder who the perpetrator supports?
  9. Rowlf… if Obama broke the law… then he needs to face the consequences, as I have said all along… and if he engaged in various sexual acts as a grown adult then so what? He’s entitled to his own sexual likes and dislikes. The case I mentioned was an alleged rape of a 13yo girl, with violence and restraint. The case was withdrawn “after the young lady received various threats”. I will let you draw your own conclusion regarding that and the source and nature of said threats. All I will say is…. somebody has a track record of such things.. illegal things.. and his association with Epstein is very well documented.
  10. I apologise for describing a Greek speaking Roman man from the area of Cappadocia (located in modern day Turkey) as a Turk. Clearly that makes my point much less valid🙄.
  11. Rowlf, any comments about the recently unsealed Epstein files and a certain Ms Katie Johnson? Silence…..
  12. Probably because it’s full of fancy dress once a year people and other people in “little girl” dresses, none of whom would be seen in public at any other time or place.
  13. “Individual freedoms”, something at least one American on here thinks he believes in, but he does not agree in individual freedom where it goes against his right wing nut job philosophy. Then he wants the “big gov” to legislate to remove those freedoms.
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