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  1. Another fun comic postcard that sums up the later half of my story (except there was no other guy and the gentleman was holding the ladder right next to her..)
  2. Hi all. sort of a sighting(s) that Ive never forgotten...apologies if its abit long. Back in the mid 90s i was at a school in 6th form and there was a brunette woman mustve been late 30s/early 40s who worked at the there part time as a secretary or something like that. Average height, nice figure, thick wavy shoulder length hair, and would always dress in office wear - cardigan/blouse, skirt (knee length or just above), low denier nylons (light black or tan/natural) and black high heels (and a beige mac coming into/leaving work) and bracelets/earrings etc. she looked abit like Sophia Loren who was in a movie at the time about models/fashion and the newspapers had pics of her still looking amazing in underwear/stockings and comparing to pics of her when she was younger - think i remember looking at the pics in the papers in the school lounge and thinking she looked abit like the woman similar type face.. not exactly but like a more floozyish uk version of her.. although maybe she had alittle bit of italian or something about her idk, she just reminded me abit of her at the time anyway (she also vaguely resembled younger fit women with that similar sultry looking face: pop singer Louise, Dani Behr of The Word, actress Nastassja Kinski etc). when first saw her i can remember being quite taken aback like 'wow!' just wasnt expecting to see such a hot looking woman (and constantly wearing nylons too). Thinking back to various times seeing her in nylons: one time in one of the buildings I saw her walking up some stairs and I stopped at the base and watched her lovely black nylond legs (then at the top of the stairs she turned and looked down and saw me obviously having watched her go up.. busted!). Another time I was in a kitchen making tea and I heard the click/clak of heels outside on the pathway and looked out the window and saw her walking along path in coat/skirt/heels but her skirt was alot shorter than usual/well above the knee really showing off her slender light black nylon legs (i remembering being quite surprised at how short her skirt was .. think that style of almost mini skirt was in fashion again around that 90s time) she also had her hair cut shorter in that 90s Diana style (preferred her with longer hair but still looked good with the shorter cut as her face suited any style - she could look quite different each time she changed her hair: long shoulder length/tied up/cut shorter etc. in that way attractive women are able to change their look when they have a different hairdo etc). but the best was one brilliant sunny morning i was walking to somewhere and saw her walking ahead on way to the building she worked in and I caught up and was walking bit behind her to look at her so nice in white blouse (white bra straps visible), tight fit black pencil skirt just above knee/split at back, tan nylons (actually looked like bare legs until got closer saw the faint sheen of sheer nylon) & black heels.. as i got closer I saw like 'bumps' under the skirt just above the thigh areas. at first I wasn't sure what it was but then saw they were part of faint straps visible going down each side the bottom area ..which could then see was attached to what mustve been the vague outline of the suspender belt showing through which mightve had a lace pattern (unless it was the blouse tucked in) .. couldn't believe my eyes.. she mustve been wearing stuff id only ever seen in the lingerie section of those thick catalogues! (which she could've easily stepped from out the pages). had never seen anything like that before (or since)..and carried on walking behind for abit transfixed, my facial expression mustve looked all poppy eyes and slackjaw like a cartoon lol Obviously other lads there noticed her too and every now and then there be the odd 'phwor look at that' etc.. or youd be talking to one and he'd start looking at something and youd turn to see what they looking at and itd be her walking to one of the buildings . e.gs: saw one of the boys looking at her longingly out a window as she was walking outside and one of the ruffian loud mouth types went up to him saying to 'hah caught you looking at the granny!' (what a berk he was - yeah she was at least 20 years older than any of us but was fitter than most of the schoolgirls there!), Another time one of the boys came into the 6th form lounge (everyone watching Neighbours) and he had a nice photo of her that hed nicked off the wall in one of school offices where there was various photos attached of the various staff/workers etc and said he was going to show it to his mates back home lol. And then there was one time saw 2 boys looking at something in like a store room in the building where she worked.. went and looked in room and she was in there stood on a big desk in front of the window in her office wear (white blouse/black skirt/heels & the shoulder length hair) fixing some curtains with a new 6th form boy standing by the desk .. her skirt seemed to be shorter than usual (like that other time i saw), above knee showing off her legs (either bare leg or tan nylons.. in which case I wondered if she had the suspenders on again showing the bumps!). as the 2 boys were sniggering I looked on transfixed and envious of the boy getting to see her upclose like that but pretended to snigger along with the boys.. then 2 of her older work colleagues (women) appeared so me and the other 2 lads quickly dispersed. they went off but i still lingered near and saw the women looking in the room and were sort of laughing and making various innuendos, then they left and i went back looked inside and saw she was finished and using a mini step ladder to come down, then she was really bending over in that bottoms up way with skirt riding up she messed about with the ladder, and then as she turned around toward the door and i saw fleeting glimpse down the blouse abit to see the white bra or slip as the lucky lad helped her with the ladder (no doubt we'd all been distracting him) and then i quickly moved on. lucky soandso! having a nice time being all near to her lovely legs! mustve almost been like having an impromptu table dance off her! (it was the 90s afterall!) i mean underneath her blouse/skirt she was basically standing on the table before him in her underwear/heels like shed stepped out of the pages of one of those thick catalogues! He wont have been forgetting that in a hurry! (i should really have made sure i lingered around and followed her about abit to see if she had the nylons on. and looked for any bumpage/straps as wouldve been clearly visible the skirt was so tight. she probably was wearing the natural/tan stockings like that time i saw) Initially i just figured hed been about when she was there and got him to help her replace the curtains or the blinds or whatever it was, but later I wondered if there was something to her coworkers jests.. (theyd probably been talking about him in the staff room as he was new just started there and was like the tall hunky blonde/brown haired poshboy type out of all us rough looking 6th form lads).. so maybe she'd specifically asked him to help her to give him a nice time and get him thinking about her while she did the curtains.. (even more reason for her to be wearing s&s like id seen that time!). Now and then id also notice how various men who worked there or who came in (maintenance/workmen etc) would often do like a double take when they spotted her about and looking at her for just that bit longer than was necessary, or unnecessarily saying hello to her with the same exaggerated happy expression (with her face and what shed be wearing it was like they couldn't help be enchanted by her. i imagine it'll have been the same wherever she went, shopping in Tesco etc). i remember one time in particular just after the holidays I was in a corridor in the building where she worked, and was waiting to go in to see someone and i saw her down the corridor standing outside her office and she had the shorter hair, was all tanned and in a sleeveless black office dress/heels (dress was above knee and either bare legs or tan nylons again couldn't tell) and this small bearded balding guy in snazzy colourful blazer was talking to her (he was bit like the husband from Keeping Up Appearances lol - he worked in same building as her doing similar stuff and looked a few years older. I sort of knew him as occasionally saw him chatting/joking with us lads) I could tell he liked her from his animated/happy facial expressions while chatting at her and looking like hed rather be no where else in the world, but she had odd looks like a combination of bored/annoyed expressions (looked almost comical - him excited rosy faced balding guy talking and looking at this stunning but sullen faced woman dressed in office attire and abit taller than him in her heels almost rolling her eyes and looking away from him) then i saw her smiling as if she seen someone, (i thought it was me for a second and smiled back!) and then she just walked away from him toward two 6th formers who were further down the corridor and saw she was smiling at one (but totally blanked the other ginger one) It was the same boy who was helping her with the ladder/curtains that id since seen her smiling at/saying hello to a few times which she didnt do to any of us funny looking 6th formers all spotty/stumpy/chunky/skinny/ginger/boss eyed etc (including me.. once when walked past her i smiled at her/said a feeble hello but got no reaction: stony face/eyes straight ahead, can still remember the anticipation of her being nice to me smiling/saying hello like had seen her do with him immediately replaced with that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach ..of course it wont have helped that shes caught me looking at her going up the stairs that time!), anyway it was quite funny the way she literally dropped the poor bloke like a stone and he went from being all happy chatting to her to left hanging with a deflated look on his face. it was almost like she was using the boy as a diversion so she could get away from this guy who was probably always trying to make small talk/chat her up,. and maybe her way of sending him a message in no uncertain terms 'look im not interested.' ..no wasting precious time having to be with the short portly balding red faced man enjoying himself talking himself into a frenzy with her when she could be smiling/winking at the tall fit thick haired handsome face boy about three decades younger. can still see her wide smiling at him like she was greeting a long lost face, in total contrast to her miserable expression just seconds before - probably the relief of getting away from the guy (until that point i dont think id even seen her smile before and remember thinking like blimey even her smile is that perfect/symmetrical/wide smile). Id since heard some of the school girls there liked him (apparently they thought he was 'cute' and theyd compared him to being like from a boyband) so she probably did too. in fact i think it was that time in the 6th form lounge with the nicked photo that the big mouth one said 'oh yeh shes the one that fancies him' and pointed to the poshboy who was playing his Gameboy and the others started laughing etc (one of the lads seemed to get genuinely annoyed and half threw a magazine at him and then stormed off!).. the spawny get! theres always one who puts the rest to shame isn't there! but he was so lucky! initially remember sort of half thinking oh thats good of her being nice to the new boy/taking him under her wing abit as he was new there (then again id not long been there and she just ignored me ) .. but it just went on and got quite annoying that the woman everyone sort of had a thing for was fussing over the new guy who was obviously better looking than the rest of us.. little did he know when he joined this school thered be a nylons wearing beautiful woman like from one of those catalogues making eyes at him! I can remember seeing him around and thinking 'you lucky b*st**d!' - he was sat in the library reading a book, playing football with the other lads, dressed all trendy/baseball cap after school hanging outside the local Spar like shop/newsagent near the school with his posh 'cool' rugby playing mates and couple of pretty girls etc, and one afternoon/lunch hour i was coming out of the shop and he was outside with his mates and then i saw her walking past in usual beige mac/black nylons/heels and they were all looking at her.. (she smiled/said hi to him, obviously .. ) But there was one man there who was one of the important ones of the school and he (unsurprisingly) had a thing for her as well. (he was new there like the poshlad). he looked a few years older than her (mustve been in late 40s), average height (taller than the balding/beard guy), abit overweight (had a big belly), full head of neatly side parted greying brown hair, authortive face, wore specs, tweed style blazers or suits, reminded me of like some stereotypical portly politician or royal (like Prince Andrew lol) with abit of a pompous Geoffrey Palmer/Richard Briers vibe (although he probably imagined himself more Richard Gere) had a loud booming posh voice and was really strict often shouting at boys (he shouted at me once and was pretty shaken by it. and when I brought him up with some others they said he had shouted at them for various nothing stuff as well, which led to us speculating on what he did before he came to the school like In the army as a sgt major or something). i could tell he liked her as his ruddy stern face would light up whenever he spotted her and be saying hello to her or waving to her if he saw her from afar which i noticed he didn't do with any of her older greying haired unattractive coworkers (bit similar to seeing her making the effort with the poshboy but ignoring the rest of us). e.gs: One time i was saw her walking ahead of me from a distance in usual beige mac/heels, i was walking bit behind her until she went into her building and i saw the older man lingering in the entrance and could see his face light up when he saw her and heard his deep posh 'hello' when she went in and then ascended the stairs.. (he was obviously loitering in the entrance of her building specifically to say hello to her and watch her going upstairs. he looked so happy to see her lol). And another time i saw him see her coming out another building with couple of her colleagues (can remember she had on a white cardigan with matching skirt and could see she was in the light black nylons even from a distance) and he stopped and waved to her even though she was quite a way away and there was like a pause and he waved again then eventually she waved back to him (like a half hearted lifted her arm up) and his face expression went all blissful happy as if he was in a trance of delight upon the lovely lady in black nylons having reciprocated him lol (she mustve realised it was the important guy and shed better wave back!). i could tell it had really made his day. just looked like inside he was going 'yes! she waved back to me!' (remember thinking 'oof blimey he likes her!'). i probably wouldnt have noticed his reactions to her as much had it not been for the vast change in his demeanour as his facial expressions were usually so strict/angry looking except whenever i saw him see her (I remember thinking 'omg he actually smiles! yeah i wonder why!'). He didnt appear to be anything to do with her workwise and worked in different building to where she was so there was really no reason for him to be around her or always be saying hello to her etc (like that time he was in the entrance of her building. unlike the other guy who at least worked in same building to her) he obviously just liked the look of her and wanted her to acknowledge him/be nice to him and she sort of had to as he was all high up/in charge of stuff (whereas the other guy was all lowly there so she didnt have to be nice to him lol). but i got the impression if he didnt initiate the greetings she wouldnt have bothered with him. it was always him saying hello or waving to her etc and her just responding, never her initiating anything with him like she did with the poshboy (I bet this man wouldn't have liked it if he'd seen her being nice to him smiling and saying hello etc like the way he did with her.. and especially not if he'd seen him with her stood on the desk with her lovely legs in his face! oof! hed have probably had him expelled!). but it was just funny seeing guys around her age vying for her attention but especially seeing this guy who was usually all in charge and strict go all weak at the knees whenever he saw her, and who could blame him as she was a total fox (if 6th form lads fancied her then he mustve fancied her very badly as was a similar age to her).. I bet he noticed she looked abit like SLoren too (as will little beard guy).. no doubt he'll have seen some of her films when he was a lad growing up (be like a 40s something guy now like me whod grown up in the 90s watching Pam Anderson working with a woman who was abit like her and now a similar age to me. Or a boy of now years later meeting a woman at work who was like a Kelly Brooks or whoever it is these days young lads go for) bet he couldn't believe his luck when he first saw this woman there ..a fit foxy brunette always wearing office nylons/heels etc. he mustve been thanking his lucky stars he'd got the job there! - or maybe hed done a reccy of a few schools to work at and applied for this one because hed spotted her there.. like 'phwoar! blimey! im taking the job in that place!' or maybe the previous guy who had the job put a word in to him like an old boys club thing 'ere you want to get in this place, theres this fine filly works here..' Anyway one morning/afternoon (think it was around winter/December time as vaguely remember Christmas decorations/tree about the school) I had a free lesson (called 'personal study' time for 6th formers) and was on my way to the library in the main buildings and it was all quiet no one about as most were in lessons etc and I went past an office with the door partly open and I did a double take as i saw her in there at the back behind the desk standing on top one of those mini office step ladders (about same height as the desk) with the important guy handing her box files one at a time that she was putting on the top shelves. she was in her usual office wear (white cardigan/knee length black skirt/light black nylons/heels & had the shoulder length hair). by his side he had a few stacks of the boxfiles and as he worked through handing them to her theyd go down so hed be gradually bending down to get another file to hand to her.. I knew instantly what he was up to and hung back/lingered around the door for abit having a little glance in there every now and then while trying not to be seen acting suspiciously to anyone (although the corridors were all empty at this time and he was too preoccupied to notice me). hed obviously used his senior position to get her in his office (if it was his office) when it was all quiet/no interruptions to 'help' him put these files up on the top shelf - like did they really need to be on the top shelf? and funny how it was her he got to do it and not one of her older colleagues, or even him doing it! (maybe like the way she mustve asked the 6th form boy to help with with the ladder/curtains?). from how id seen him be around her previously it was obvious hed orchestrated it in order to be upclose to her lovely sheer nylon'd legs! (notice he got her doing it when she was wearing the 10 denier light black almost grey nylons, bet they were his favourite! earlier he mustve seen how she was dressed for that day and made sure he got her up the ladder for stockings inspection to ensue!) like me he'll have probably seen some tell tale suspender bumps showing at some point (maybe that day, or any number of other times if she wore them regularly) which mustve been the final straw for him to investigate further (which unlike me he was able to do). He wasn't content with just seeing her nylond legs from afar whenever he happened to spot her about so he mustve come up with the ladder idea and planned it with military precision! (bet he was counting down the days/hours from when he came up with it! and making certain he got her up there when she was wearing the black nylons! can just imagine him asked her to help him and being all authoritative. maybe he told her he had a dodgy knee or something. I bet her face was a right picture when she saw the set up in the office! like 'oh no here we go') .. it was almost like a repeat of her standing on the desk/curtains thing from before, except unlike the boy who wasn't right next to her due to the desk, this guys face was right near to her bottom/legs! I wonder if the man had been about that day and maybe he'd spotted her in the window stood on the desk with one of the 6th form boys just near to her (and once hed got over his jealous rage hed have wanted what he had, and set about having it even better!) or maybe hed got the idea from one of those naughty seaside postcards (see my profile pic), or from a Carry On/Benny Hill/Allo Allo - there was always stuff like that in those and she sort of dressed similar and similar hair to the waitress one in AlloAllo who the cafe owner was mad about (could easy imagine him getting her up on the ladder .. also something like Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee 'you'll like it ..not a lot!' or Rosemary Ford in the Generation Game around the same time mid 90s with him as the Brucey type 'good game! good game!') but it will have been no laughing matter for him, he'll have been in sheer (nylon) heaven! seeing the sheer black nylon upclose and hearing it rubbing together when her legs moved, inspecting any visible suspender bumps/straps/vague lace patterns up close just inches away.. close enough to sniff of the soft sheer nylon .. the crafty lucky swine! caught a few glimpses of side of his face and oof! he was all flushed and had a very serious expression probably similar to what I mustve had that time when I was walking behind her, and could hear him talking to her - 'just up there, thank you' ... 'and another one..' in his stiff posh voice. A couple of times she had to reach up abit more and as she did he went straight up close to her legs no messing about! Like before when seeing him all smiley/excited over just spotting her it was quite funny seeing him all quiet/concentrated here, not his usual stern/strict/shouty self. A very nice little set up he had going on there for himself! he'll have been so used to having everything go his way that he mustve felt it was his due/perk of his overpaid job, treating himself for working hard to get where he was (or rather being from a privileged background) like an early Christmas wish coming true (by his own doing) .. Think he was having just abit of a better time than any of the other men/lads at the school! - while everyone else was hard at work in lessons, maintenance work etc he was spending the afternoon having a nice time in the (ill-gotten) company of the secretary woman he was mad about that every guy there will've liked (bet little bearded guy wouldve loved to be in his position! as would any of his coworkers and peers he went to school/uni/previous high up jobs etc theyd all have been seething with envy if they couldve seen him .. as would any poor boys hed shouted at including me!) She must've known what he was up to and it was all a ruse for him to enjoy himself but just had to get on with it and let him have his pleasure as he was all important there - no getting away from this fella like the beardy guy.. and no poshboy around to save her this time! (bet she wished it was him she was on the ladder for, again.. his young handsome face looking up at her nylond legs instead of a middle aged jowly bespectacled mug! - wonder if she thought he mustve seen her on the desk with the lad helping her that time and that it had caused this to happen..).. Bet she had that sullen expression face all through it! and was regretting wearing stockings&suspenders that day! unless they were holdups or tights (although even tights wouldve been amazing for him).. but as I (and probably he) already knew she was a s&s wearer! (in fact why else would he have gone to all the trouble to have her up that ladder in the first place.. it'll have been because he knew she was a wearer!). and like she was the for the lad on the desk she was basically standing on the ladder before him in her underwear/heels (were it not for her blouse/skirt) like from one of those catalogues! As time had gone on there i noticed she seemed to be in slightly shorter skirts/higher heels, and constantly wearing those low denier black nylons (like that click/clak time i saw her from the kitchen) that look seemed to be more of a 'in thing' in that 90s era but also it was probably to get all the men/boys there to look at her (as she was at that age when women seem to dress more like that i think) ..in which case it backfired in a big way!.. she was probably making a mental note to wear trousers from then on! in fact one time I do remember seeing her dressed down in jeans/white trainers, with hair up at back/fringe at front and big hoop earrings (and funnily enough that time i saw her with the usual lad yet again, saw her see him coming down some stairs and i overheard her talking to him 'hi how are you' in her soft high voice as she was gazing at his face - by then i was annoyed about it as i wanted her to be nice to me and look at me like that!) i remember thinking it was unusual for her to dress like that (almost like the way the schoolgirls there would dress out of uniform when they were hanging around the boys outside the local Spar type shops after school sometimes.. in fact initially i thought it was one of the older schoolgirls talking to him until i realised it was her as looked so different with clothes/hair - maybe she was trying to be like them for the lad?) such a stark contrast to her usual office nylons/heels wear so maybe that was after this ladder task/ordeal. Unless she didn't mind the gent pestering her? he was important after all.. Stayed for a short while lingering in the corridor, before going to the library for abit then coming back and it was still going on. he was now talking to her abit and sounded all extra posh/deep trembly voice like a posh droning no doubt being all pompous telling her how important and well off he was (it was probably the first time hed properly spoken with her/spent time with her .. finally getting her to himself for abit after however many months of looking at her and saying hello to her or waving at her from afar).. could tell it wasn't going to end anytime soon so left them to it.. and after he ran out of files i bet he would be desperately looking for something anything else to have her put on the top shelf to keep her up there before he had to reluctantly stop (he wouldnt want it to end but in consolation he'd no doubt 'accidently' brush against the soft sheer nylon as she descended the ladder..) and then hed pop off to the lunch hall or maybe Tesco for his 3 quid meal deal (or about 1.50 then) and be walking on air thinking about her for the rest of the day.. (and the rest of his life..) As I went i just felt like interrupting his fun by quickly knocking on the door and shouting 'bit obvious mate!' or 'should be paying her extra for that!' or 'are they stockings?!' then doing a runner before he could see who it was but was too scared of him lol well that's about it - some fun memories for me.. and no doubt many nice (and very intense) memories for the 'gentleman' 😉
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