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  1. In an earlier post above, I mentioned two categories of people who love to speed.
  2. I found this article to be easy to read and understand. I hope you do, too. What Evolutionary Biology Can and Can't Tell Us About Sex, Gender, and Sexuality | The MIT Press Reader
  3. This article appeared in the NZ press today: Election 2023: Slower speeds avoid 34 crashes on one road, and made journeys 3.6 minutes longer (msn.com) Could the same results occur in the UK?
  4. Speed cameras with a tolerance of 5mph on the high streets will help ensure that no-one who is short of cash will get to travel anywhere near 30mph. Only the rich and arrogant, or young and stupid, may feel entitled to do so. To deal with people like these, one solution is to put elevated platforms at odd intervals all along the roadways. Believe me, these are a pain in the tail for motorists!!! We have several in our local village, and each one reportedly cost $10,000 (GBP5,000) to put in place. A nice bit of extra cash for some parliamentarians or their friends! Here in NZ the Labour Govt in its wisdom has lowered many speed limits throughout the country by a blanket 10km/h. With a general election coming up next month, the National Party has committed to raising all the speed limits which have been reduced. Perhaps the Lib Dem Party could do the same? Sounds like a real vote winner!!!
  5. In one the AAAs have it, and in the other the DDDs have it.
  6. When an American teacher can earn more money working at Costco than in the classroom, it suggests that the USA needs to pay its teachers decently if it wants an educated citizenry. I Quit Teaching to Work at Costco and I'm Much Happier (businessinsider.com) Note, too, that she feels safe there. What an indictment of the education system in the USA,
  7. I don't think rowlf understood this post, SC. Especially The last line!
  8. Your inability to make connections is unsurprising.
  9. Well, brother, you got it wrong again. Life changing drugs and scalpels are essential for treating young children with, for example, leukaemia or tumours. Admittedly, such instances are rare, but then again, so are the instances of gender realignment surgery in young people to which you repeatedly refer as "mutilation". Lower-Limb Amputation in Children and Adolescents—A Rare Encounter with Unique and Special Challenges - PMC (nih.gov) Life-saving interventions!
  10. Let's open up the discussion, shall we? Epigenetics and evolution: ‘the significant biological puzzle’ of sexual orientation | Science | The Guardian A taster, taken from the article: "I cheerfully taught it in my first-year biology classes for more than two decades, in full knowledge that the story is more complex. For example, if an individual’s testosterone production is defective, a genetic male (based on their possession of a Y chromosome and SrY gene) will develop as a female. Indeed, such individuals may be hyper-female, since they do not produce or respond to testosterone, whereas genetic females do both. "Even more extraordinary is a rare syndrome caused by a deficiency of the enzyme 5α-reductase. This enzyme converts testosterone to a more potent male-determining hormone. These kids, who are chromosomally male, are born with female-like genitalia and are often raised as girls. They then change to the male phenotype at puberty with its associated release of testosterone. Not only do male foetuses produce more androgens than female foetuses, they respond to it more strongly due to sex-specific epigenetic marks in genes that code for androgen receptors. Conversely, female foetuses produce less androgen and have reduced responsiveness to it. It is even possible for a genetically female foetus to have levels of circulating androgens in the male range but still develop as a female. So, while the primary cause of male bodies from female bodies is indeed SrY, other genes on the sex chromosomes can modify its effects."
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