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  1. I don't know if you noticed this post from Sparkler, rowlf. Just to keep you up to date with the situation according to Gun Violence Archive (you do concede that they are credible, don't you?) here is the latest link: Gun Violence Archive Not a word of empathy from you about the numbers of your own countrymen already afflicted/affected by gun violence in the USA. 90 + 476 kids killed so far this year. 220 + 1 300 injured. When are you going to bewail these statistics and begin to do something to end it?
  2. The DA is already in the majority in many local electorates in South Africa, and it is obvious to all that those regions function, whereas so many regions controlled by the ANC simply don't. The last time I was in South Africa (January 2023) I spoke with many locals who were disaffected by the ANC. This time, the handing out of free T-shirts may not be enough to secure a person's vote. I have an anecdotal report of boxes of ready-stamped and marked voting papers being found yesterday. I'm not certain just how true it is, but it is feasible, The EFF is the party with a propensity to incite violence. This time, they may hold the balance of power, which is worrying. The DA finds itself in a dilemma if the ANC is forced to find a coalition partner. I'm told that international money markets will not support an ANC/EFF coalition ... however, the DA and ANC are poles apart ideologically and would find it difficult to work together. Would the DA agree to form a coalition? I'm not sure. KZN (Zuma's realm) is one area where nothing works any more (regular power loadshedding, serious water shortages etc). I was surprised to note that he was mentioned first in the BBC headline. They live in interesting times. BTW - there are a number of smaller parties contesting the elections, several of them with a religious bent. A good friend of mine voted for one of these, not thinking that her vote was being wasted. I wonder if such parties will have a negative effect on the outcome?
  3. According to LSL's ability to reason, the following argument is valid: Nothing is better than a Rolls Royce, but a Fiat Panda is better than nothing, so a Fiat Panda must be better than a Rolls Royce.
  4. So, today is the election date many of my friends back in my birth country have been waiting for. Will the electorate be duped again? South Africa elections 2024: Can ANC overcome challenge from Zuma, DA, EFF and others? - BBC News
  5. Grasping at straws, rather than face the truth. No comment on my assessment of the American situation. No realisation that I compared the Israeli death rate on 7 October with the Hamas death rate on 23 November (like with like). More evidence as to why you are taken in by Fox News propaganda.
  6. Let's start by considering the protection of your country from others ... there is a Bill concerning improved border protection along your southern border, which your beloved GOP will not even consider. You support this inaction while at the same time fearing the illegal immigrants and the risk they supposedly pose to your country. Rowlf 0 - 1 Cubed. The second thing to consider is that the Second Amendment, which is your reason to support the right to own a gun in the USA, was put in place by the Founding Fathers to allow the citizens to protect themselves from THE GOVERNMENT, not their fellow citizens. So, the use of guns to kill and maim other Americans is not in keeping with the Second Amendment. Regardless of the level of threat. Rowlf 0 - 2 Cubed. Turning to the conflict in Gaza, Hamas' attack on the Israeli settlements on 7 October was murder. Some retaliation was in order. The question which you have probably not considered is the extent to which such retaliation would have/could have/should have been "equal and opposite", to use Newtonian wording, or "proportionate", to use the wording in my last post. "Equal and Opposite", logically, means that the Israelis could have/should have gone in and killed the same number of Hamas fighters. About 1200 people were killed by Hamas on 7 October. By 23 November, the Israelis had already killed 1500 Hamas. Your logic would mean they ought to have withdrawn from Gaza on that date. They did not. Netanyahu vowed to fight on. "Proportionate" actually might give the Israelis more leeway. You are correct when you state that Hamas has vowed to continue fighting until the last Israeli has been exterminated. The threat is seemingly huge. The problem that you and Mr Netanyahu have is that the rest of the world considers the fact that over 45,000 people have died as a result of Israeli retaliation, including many women and children. to be a hugely disproportionate retaliation when compared with the 1200 who died as a result of Hamas' aggression. That you consider the war in Ukraine to be proportionate is a clear indication that you do not consider the Russians to be a threat to the rest of Europe or the world. This is the DJT position, which you blindly adhere to. Get real!!!
  7. And so we return to the concept of the use of "proportionate force" to counter any threat, real or imaginary. This states: In self-defense cases, the amount of force employed by the defender must be proportionate to the threatened aggressive force. If deadly force is used to defend against non-deadly force, the harm inflicted by the actor (death or serious bodily harm) will be greater than the harm avoided (less than serious bodily harm). The shooting of American kids in schools, shopping malls, dance halls, and in driveways is not "proportionate" when one considers that such people pose no threat to the shooters. Self-inflicted gunshot wounds, of which there is an enormous number in your country, is another category which defies your logic.
  8. I'm currently reading an entertaining book entitled, "Botswana National Airways" by Jonanthan Laverick and Bruce Morgan. It traces the history of aviation in Bechuanaland/Botswana from 1920 to the early 1970s. On page 97, during an anecdote involving a WWII Batswana fighter pilot named Vincent Bunting and the famous South African fighter pilot, "Sailor" Malan, the following is written about "Sailor": "... He resigned his RAF commission in 1946, leaving the service as a Group Captain. "Returning to his homeland, he initially farmed sheep before getting involved with the political situation in South Africa as a direct result of the rise of the National Party and its plans to introduce apartheid. He joined the 'Torch Commando', a branch of the Springbok Legion - an organisation of ex-servicemen that held strong liberal anti-fascist and anti-racist views that was open to all, regardless of gender or colour. ..." The highlighted bit suggests that what you have written is utter rubbish, LSL, and you are completely wrong. Fascism is a child of the RIGHT and liberal people across the world understand that what DJT is offering the Republican Party is naked fascism.
  9. Opinion. Please provide factual evidence to support your position. Both you and LSL have so far failed to answer requests to do so.
  10. I am talking of the NZ experience, which is probably different. Winston Peters' presence in the hung parliament of 2017 prevented Jacinda Ardern from legislating the extreme stuff, which she was able to do after she got an absolute majority in the 2020 election.
  11. Like LSL, rowlf will not do this. They follow their leader in their behaviour.
  12. You consistently tell us that gun violence in the USA is a black problem. You say and do nothing to alleviate the problem, because you are for the right to bear arms. This, despite the overwhelming evidence that gun control can and does save lives. Do you read the sensationalist headlines on Fox News and count the number of times the word "Dem" or "Dems" feature in them? Do you stop and think that this is deliberately done to wind you up, feed your distrust and dislike of the Democratic Party? Do you realise that you are slowly being indoctrinated to hate anything that is anti- your treasured right to bear arms? There is every chance that Mr Trump will see the inside of a jail in the next few weeks. Will you hold to your promise NOT to vote for him if he does go to jail? Or will your prejudice and hatred of all things pro-life lead you to blindly vote for a felon?
  13. David Cameron ran away from the Brexit chaos he caused with his foolish referendum. How he has been back in power as an unelected person. Another reason the Tories will lose a large number of seats. John Swinney certainly does seem to be pitching Scottish independence as his election platform. Will it win him the required votes? The Tory Party are going to lose votes to Reform UK on the extreme right of the party and to the Lib Dems on their left. A hung parliament is not unlikely. This will not necessarily be a bad thing. It will keep politicians more honest than they could be with an outright majority. Roll on 4 July.
  14. you sound a lot like a well-known person in the USA who makes sweeping claims, which too often turn out to be false. There is a modicum of truth in your claim, but you exaggerate the facts. Here is an article I found while doing something you are too lazy to do - find out the facts. Gun Violence in Black Communities | Giffords You are unlikely to read the whole article, so I'll copy the last paragraph for you. "Black communities have disproportionately shouldered our nation’s gun violence epidemic for decades, and will continue to do so unless we take concerted, community-driven steps to address this public health crisis. It is imperative—from an equity perspective, a moral perspective, and a human perspective—that we support these communities in reducing gun violence." Because black Americans suffer disproportionately through gun violence is no reason NOT to legislate to curb gun ownership. Racism would seem to play some role in the legislators' reluctance to do anything about it. Certainly, racism is the reason rowlf is against anti-gun legislation. As is his hatred of the Dems! I am asking again for you to give me the names of these five cities - if you can raise the empathy for the victims of gun violence in the USA.
  15. Please give me the names of these five cities, so that I can fact check your claim. Thanks.
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