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  1. You've posted some God awful posts during my time here, but these 2 stoopid ones pert nigh caused to soil my pants...
  2. The thing is, I already knew this. Unlike you, I don't live in a bubble. I don't think that Hamas is entirely to blame. And I never said it. But this must be resolved and finished. Nobody is perfect in this world. But to even suggest that it is even remotely tic for tac would be a ridiclous thing to say.
  3. Can't you ever find anyone to blame on the other side of the fence? Doesn't Hamas have any on-going indictments, bad behavior leaders? They can't be that squeaky clean... can they? Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me! The MSM should be informed of this immediately!
  4. Aha! So, you are saying Netanyahu is Israel's 'Trump'? Good work! Crisis ended! All one had to do is read it in the Times.
  5. But isn't this exactly what you do? You sit there waiting for orders...........then take your place in line. Huh! And it's always on lib side of town. Who would've thunk? And why is it you do this time and again. For love of country? For love of God? Or for love of thy self?
  6. I would miss not being a forum member and able spar with others without getting a blackened eye! However, the harsh reality is the that if we can't pay our way, we cease to exist, One request for David, if I may. If he gave us a summary on the financial outlook of this website, we would appreciate it.
  7. This is something you may not understand. I'm not 'poot-poohing' your method of teaching. You mentioned my name, I thought I was part of the subject matter, so I responded. Futilely hoping you come to that 'Jesus' moment when to would admit we need more Israelis in this world. Not one hair on the head of either Israeli or Palestinian would have been touched if not for the dirty deeds of Hamas. I never claimed that I knew all the answers. I think you know that, but this is your way of responding in lieu of no other suitable answer. I know nothing about teaching other than my own experiences as a child. Except for conducting various seminars for companies I worked for. I would hand out evaluation sheets at the end of these seminars. Mostly lasting for 1-3 days. I mostly received good marks, except for one time that I remember vividly. One person wrote 'Mr rowlf, if you don't know the answer to a question that was asked, why don't you just say so. It just happened that I would toss a subject around the room and we may have been enlightened by someone or another. 'Well, it just coincides with something you said about the interaction between student and teacher. But to do this too often would cause students to lose trust in your knowledge of a particular subject. But I didn't read enough of it to understand what you meant. I'll own up to that. Mia faltava. This is what you wrote: "I say you are brainwashed, because you believe all that stuff about DJT that Faux News tells you, and resist invitations to read more widely and tune into alternative TV stations, and start forming your own opinions. Ditto for books on anti-racism. They might challenge your limited thinking." Would it be too far a stretch that I could say the same about you?
  8. I am brainwashed? For what reason would this be? Because I think it's wrong for Iraeli having to tolerate thousands of missiles being shot at them over the last several years and you can't understand why they don't desire to have another few thousand launched rockets for the next few years. And now the Israels must deal with these uninvited guests jumping over the fence to murder, rape and pillage civilians. The terrible thing is, I needn't embellish the tactics these animals are using. Or do you think the reason I'm brainwashed, is that you are. So you think it must become easy thing to do. It's a known fact that we are able to be brainwashed. However, results may differ depending on the individual. You guys talk as if you live in vacuums. Maybe you do. Maybe you just need more oxygen! I'm incensed at the fact that our world can just shrug their shoulders at these terrorist activities. They should be demonized and punished to make certain this will never happen again. And the most egregious thing is that we will still continue to pay for them to build tunnels and make babies.
  9. I'm the sort of man that is able to do all that you say and have sex.... all in a 24 hr period.
  10. Can you imagine how damned stoopid cubed felt when the hands of those students started flying up? I betcha he didn't get a mushie for a week.....
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