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  2. Thank you i would recommend Vinted to anyone, all my outfits I buy now come from there. The seller isn’t interested if you crossdress they just want to sell the item. Nikki xx
  3. Looking fabulous. Great pic. Very sexy. Great bargain too. X
  4. I suppose we can also ignore the comments about the retiring joint chief of staff, a clear flag to the right wing nut jobs if I ever saw one. Remember his comments about US soldiers in the Normandy Cemetery “Suckers and Losers” and his comments about John McCain. This is what he thinks about US veterans. Of course he speaks from a wealth of military experience…. Oh no, hang on, he was a “Fortunate Son”… and dodged the draft.
  5. Her being interviewed with that dancer on strictly is the best she’s looked ever. Wish she’d wear those low denier tights more often.
  6. If it does reduce RTC the results won't really become apparent until after the next election, the negative side of it, slow buses, people taking longer to get anywhere, service not arriving on time will become obvious much quicker. In one town they even said it takes longer to cross the road because of "bunching" of cars. So I doubt it is a vote winner, definitely upsets an awful lot of people 400,000 on that petition last count. As with Brexit there is a silent majority in this country that don't say anything but has a huge effect when it comes to voting.
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  8. The guy on the right looks hot under the collar.
  9. Sunak has it within his power to get Parliament to pass this legislation now. In which case the effects of speeding and blocking yellow boxes not being enforced will soon become apparent. If the Welsh 20 mph does reduce RTC fatalities, then it will quite potentially be a significant vote loser for Sunak. I imagine though that he will offer it as red meat for his election manifesto, rather than adopt the carnage now.
  10. Having a social lunch this afternoon I haven’t chosen a dress or heels as of yet… but will be one of my wrap dresses - possibly a green one I’ll definitely be wearing my Gio Bronze Havanas and most likely white lingerie… might even go for the new 14 strap Revival suspender belt lots of decisions this morning x
  11. Now that just goes to prove you don’t need to be young to have every red blooded male drooling over each and every one of those fantastic pictures Tracey.
  12. Just to think Starmer was riding the wave the next election would be a walkover then this "dickhead" decides to do something illogical and it all goes horribly wrong. Starmer will probably just win the next election but it could have been so much easier and probably to pick up votes he will probably ditch many of his previous policies. I see the 20 MPH speed limit in Wales is going down really well, new timetables on buses plus all that confusion on speed limit signs. With all that confusing signage I think we can forget speeding fines.
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