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  2. When ya gotta dress, you gotta dress. πŸ™‚ And when you have the confidence to go public, then it's so much easier. I think we can all relate to being miles from home, then the need hits. Through door, 30 seconds, male clothes off. 3 minutes later, fully dressed and feeling better for it (well, bar make-up). Dayna's freedom surely releases her of these situations. Sue
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  5. Relaxing is the last thing on my mind! You look so sexy πŸ‘…
  6. That must be the only way to make a Xmas jumper look good! You look stunning as ever x
  7. Forget the salad ,can we move straight onto the main course !!! wonderful view 😍😍
  8. Going out,not on your Nelly if I was with you dressed so alluring !! Stunning picture 😘😘
  9. Did the barista give the delectable Jo an extra shot !!’ If not the view would perk anyone up even if the coffee didn’t lol 😍😍😍
  10. Wish I was with you although looking this hot we wouldn’t be leaving lol 😍😍😍
  11. Christmas is all about the giving and boy have you given us a present !! Theres plenty who I’m sure would wish to unwrap the delectable Bss on Xmas morning or any of the following 365 days 😍😍😍😍
  12. Relax ,relax ,that’s just not an option after seeing the seductive qsl in such a exquisite pose 😍😍😍 Dont think there will be a relaxed state anywhere after viewing lol 😘😘😘
  13. I’d always help a damsel in distress ?? If Jo is that cold I know something that can warm her up and it’s not a bobble hat lol😜😜😜 Although the pics are hot enough and I’m sure the photographer stop her shivering 😘😘😘😘
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