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    A safe place for those who wear and admire from the Southwest.
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    Nylons used for submission and other forms of surrender
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    Kent UK
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    Single/attached/married and lonely? No judgement, just connect with others in similar situation. Maybe to find a nice understanding friend to share thoughts with.
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    My Girlfriend like wearing pantyhose! Single Men they like mature woman should become member and talk about .
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    Open to all who love to wear and those who like to admire.

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    A lovely place to Mrs C in a range of shiny hosiery, outfits and lingerie! Feel free to 'enjoy' her photos and get in touch if you want a custom shoot!

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    For lovers of all hosiery, and anyone that would like request / exchange like minded pictures
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    This Is A Group To Share Anything Mary . she was an 1970s porn star , who became for me a british rose and icon.
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    Ladies in London who like to show

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    A club for lovers and wearers, female or male, of classic foundation garments, Girdles, Corselettes, Long-line Bra's worn with FF Nylon stockings and Directoire Knickers,

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    Cambridge needs a fully fashioned nylons admiration society. Long over due,wearers needed for devotees in the area. Any age group or gender.

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    all types of woman who wear stocking for the benafit of black guys
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    A club similar to all the others around the country with a north west angle to it.

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    To appreciate an older womans beauty
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    You must have a sense off humour ?
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    a club for those who were on the old S&H site..... its quiet here for now.....but lets see what we can make of it
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    This club hasn't provided a description.
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    Come out in the sunllight and enjoy!
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    I hope that when making this club I could get in touch with more people who share the same passion and love for nylons , lingerie and crossdressing. This club is only for people live in The Nederlands. Any other won't be granted permission to join.

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    A club for those whom the term "male wearer" sits as comfortably as a shoe with a pebble in it. For the transpeople here who like stockings and possibly even enjoy the musings of Penelope, Antipodean Nightmare.
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    But you can’t delete it
  • Closed Club  ·  49 members  ·  Last active

    Club dedicated to sketches and dance routines featuring Hill’s Angels and other actresses in stockings and suspenders on The Benny Hill Show.

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