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  2. Name me one Prime Minister who has delivered on all of their pledges. Theresa May pledged to deliver Brexit, stated no deal is better than a bad deal and told us numerous times our country would leave the EU on 29th March. Boris is replacing a Prime Minister who said many things and is replacing her because the many things she said she would do didn't happen. I have paid my £25 as I have stated on here before to the Brexit Party, so I think that makes me a Brexit Party supporter, not a Boris Tory. But I will say, a choice between Boris and the antisemitic, commie, IRA backing, Hamas friendly Corbyn would only go one way, and that would not be in favour of Corbyn.
  3. Whilst youre onto em, tell about this one too Robbs, good lad.....
  4. If you look at the details closely you idiot, you will see it was not me asking the question. So I will add your add to my blocked user list and make a complaint about your language to the administrators.
  5. 😲wowwowwow..looking amazing x very sexy as always MrsPJ😍
  6. Very sexy x beautiful shown ..wow u's both know how to have fun👏amazing pics as always ..🤞more additions to a great post😍
  7. You up for this @rowlf or is it too far for you? 👀😳🤔🤣👍🏻
  8. @rowlf I told you to leave the computer 🖥 alone!! 😳🤔😂🤣
  9. Now that the Boris Johnson Bullshitters (known as Bo Jobs) have got their Brexiteer PM, I wonder who they will blame when they fail to get satisfaction. It will probably be the fault of Theresa May's premature election.
  10. Excellent photo, I love the dual purpose implement, hope that lovely bottom got the treatment it deserved? Mr S.
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  12. To paraphrase Private Eye, On the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing we head over to Downing Street for the Loon Landing. BoJo: it's one small step for man, one large leap in the unknown for mankind.
  13. How many Prime Ministers left till Christmas?
  14. Were you searching for the tag in the right country?
  15. Everything cyrve of your firm nyloned legs enhanced to a Sexsationaly Sexy sight 💋 #fantasy #ffnylonsgetmefullyfashioned 😉
  16. Your Beeeeeeeeautiful Nyloned Derriere is Spanktacular 🖐️ 🖐️ 🖐️
  17. Unable to find such registration plate on GOV. website 👀🤔😳
  18. That is 5* destination I would love to check in to 😁 😋 💪 👅 💋
  19. ”Thursday night your stockings needed mending” 😉👍🏻🙏🏻
  20. What about the case details Robbies ????? Or do they only exist in your tiny sad little mind
  21. Looking mighty fine in those FFN’s 🥰😍 Thanks for posing and sharing 🙏🏻
  22. Rainbow - all night long saw you standing down by the stage, your black stockings and see through dress
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