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  2. Friday night in Chester.

    As a couple we enjoyed a few encounters with trusted polite gentlemen and for us it enhanced and brought us closer together the last 8 years where the happiest we had ever been I am so glad we had those experiences before lady jane passed away.
  3. Young lady full fashion stockings

    Well there was a fashion item on This Morning this week with dresses 👗 and the female presenters were saying how women ‘should embrace trainers 👟 with dresses’ as one model was wearing such a debacle of an ensemble What chance have we got!! Encourage these young ladies the best you can - finely dressed women are becoming a thing of the past......
  4. Can’t decide 


    1. londonandy


      Love em both, maybe tan for daytime and black for evening?

  5. This morning

    Sheer black tights are wonderful especially exposed and presented like this.
  6. I started wearing stockings and suspenders just a little before I turned 16, I never liked tights much then and avoid them now mostly, and I would say of course! Although I do hate when I see off centre seams so please encourage attention to detail and I did see a girl wearing seams with trainers on an underground train once and it looked ridiculous!!
  7. Feet in nylon

    Wonderful summery colours from such an elegant feminine lady. Great to see that she still wears her superb stockings on those fabulous legs of hers too. Mrs summertime you are our Mrs everytime.
  8. I think you're referring to the delicious Jo who is a regular on SHQ and Flickr and a very, very regular wearer who enjoys her femininity.
  9. Surely the answer is simple? If she wants to wear them then encourage and assist her. If she doesn't then that's ok. Any lady of IMHO of 16 and over should be free to wear what they want for them and what they like to wear. We here know what we like and we'd love more to wear but it has to be their decision although if asked by them then we can surely give our opinion.
  10. no chat bubble

    Unfortunately now mine isn't either!
  11. There's absolutely no reason for her not to wear them, she should be encouraged, but with the correct footwear.
  12. This morning

    Gorgeous legs x
  13. Words

    Fag 🚬
  14. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Better as fritters
  15. Out for a meal last night.

    Love your stockings, what make are they?
  16. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    In a tin
  17. Long weekend continues

    I can see two reasons why he wouldn’t not like it Have fun!!
  18. Words

  19. Today
  20. So sexy got me hard
  21. Out for a meal last night.

    Wow so hot what a babe
  22. no chat bubble

    Let’s hope it’s not to long
  23. no chat bubble

    do we assume that they are aware and trying to deal with it or will it be off till after easter
  24. Out for a meal last night.

    Sexy and as teasing as ever Elizabeth. R xx
  25. Bring Back The Jokes

    Says it all
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