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  2. OMG... How elegant! All this from the land of Tchaikowsky, Tolstoï, Dostoïewsky and Marius Petitpas...
  3. Yesterday
  4. looking very nice and very sexy deandra very nice indeed you look fab xx suzanne
  5. Love the little video clip, love to see you dangle a shoe from those sexy feet😜
  6. Lovely pics from a fellow South West member! 👍🏾
  7. I'll work 7 days A. Week for. Free. Xx. G.
  8. I went to the doctor recently for an arm/wrist problem, didn’t dare wear, just in case!
  9. I was just wondering if members thought their standard of living, or quality of life, is better now than it was in our parent's time? Or, do these two phrases really mean the same?
  10. another winning outfit!
  11. It is indeed very important. Very well executed, I wonder what type of exercise followed?
  12. Wonderful set of photos. I do enjoy them, thank you.
  13. Couldn’t help myself and just splurged on some new sexy lingerie and stockings
  14. Around the 3 minute mark. Could be the top of hold ups.
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