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  2. Wonderfully sexy lady. Great lingerie on beautiful lady!
  3. it's all natural phenomena, my good friend. it's a variation in nature is the point; a deviation from the norm. i've read that homosexuality is about 15% to 30% . in other words, there are two genders, and up to 1/3 of them vary. the spectrum is in the variance, not in the absurd notion of 24 genders along the "spectrum". i'm sure every biologist laughs at the current popular notion pushed that gender is a social construct, not a biological one.
  4. Wonderfully sexy and erotic. Beautiful bottom, legs and love the flash of pantie. Love erotic role-play! Love the heels too!
  5. Gorgeous sexy legs. Made 4 stockings and love the stocking tops and pantie flash.
  6. Even a dunce like you might have known it was a typo!
  7. You actually read that propaganda rubbish? Your lack of intelligence is starting to become very clear!
  8. Stunning legs worn with gorgeous nylons x heels.wonderful pics ..ty for sharing 😍
  9. Today
  10. Wow very sexy. Spanking that nylon clad bottom mmmmhh very nice
  11. Stunning sensual beautiful..Ms NylonSue u r such a very sexy lady😍amazing pics as always. X
  12. Gorgeous x sexy ..you look amazing 😀
  13. I have no desire to CD I just love wearing hosiery. Not strange at all.
  14. Great boots lavinia
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