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  2. Stunning as always Lou xx
  3. zip

    Reminded me of a line of the lyrics from the old King Crimson song Ladies of the Road, 'smiled and just unzipped her'!
  4. A fabulous photo set of your good lady wearing stockings and hold ups whilst in the car.
  5. Some guys have all the luck as someone sang!
  6. Fabulous stockings and heels.
  7. Lovely photos, if I had been passing I would have stopped and offered you a lift home.
  8. Nancy's legs were burned into my mind when I was a lad too, and I too have that vid as a favourite 😁
  9. Nothing make you feel more sexy than a pair of high heels.
  10. What Are You Wearing?

    nice day today so sheer stocking a short skater dress and little strappy sandels
  11. Today
  12. New pics

    Stunning pics as always xxx
  13. Lou Stranded in the Wilderness

    Amazing as always 😜
  14. simply black x

    Very nice :)
  15. Next time your stranded give me a shout I'll gladly rescue you looking absolutely stunning as ever xx
  16. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    With legs akimbo.
  17. Words

    Who? 🤔
  18. You've certainly got the perfect assets to get out of a mess!!
  19. simply black x

    looking gorgeous, great photo. love to see more
  20. simply black x

    Wonderful, sexy outfit for a holiday!!
  21. simply black x

    Let's see more of those "white bits" mrs t x
  22. very nice laughing, interesting garter
  23. Weighing in on a subject

    Well if you need a specific example go back to about July 2017 . There is a thread I started about South Africa, because I had just visited there at about that time. A fellow who we all know as Boatman ... but was under one of his 600 aliases at the time... made several racist remarks about the black people he encountered during his time in Kenya and South Africa. However, lets not limit ourselves to specifics, as we all know Muslims come from African countries as well as Arabic ones, so your typically casual anti Muslim rhetoric that some folks like to spew around here is by default racist as well.I assume you'd prefer to deny that there is racism on this part of the forum... is that your position? And of course I forgot to mention Mexicans.
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