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  2. no chat bubble

    No chat bubble today. Ah well guess I’m going to have to get on with the other things I had planned
  3. Bumps

  4. no chat bubble

    spoke too soon,gone again
  5. One simply stunning lady who looks amazing.
  6. barely black gio's

    Looking stunning as ever xxx
  7. Request

    Now that is setting a table, Gorgeous,Thanks for sharing
  8. Today
  9. Weighing in on a subject

    Maybe the large person bought a last minute ticket and paid hundreds more than you did. Or maybe the large person was smart and bought on a special, saving hundreds. Its all very assumptive to think people all paid the same price for their ticket, which makes this whole discussion entirely pointless.
  10. barely black gio's

    Perfection \o/
  11. Words

  12. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    They can think???
  13. Cathy Newman

    Great lady, but seems to wear both stockings and tights.
  14. Bring Back The Jokes

    Mice die in mouse traps because they don't understand why the cheese is free. The same thing happens with Socialism.
  15. caught

    Great photo
  16. Red ...

    Very nice indeed
  17. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Think they’re God 😂🤣😂
  18. Words

    Curtains 😋😉😍
  19. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Having a say
  20. Words

  21. Cat Power

    Looking Fab Pen!
  22. are there any pics from the oxford event
  23. We might up for that enjoy a good vintage fair/car boot ,weather permitting. R & J
  24. Weighing in on a subject

    Whilst I understand some of the additional things that you have added to this discussion, the original item was just about weight. As the original item was just about weight, I still maintain that it is unfair that we as a couple should pay excess baggage when an obese person weighing more than us and our luggage out together merely has to pay a single fare and we get charged extra even though we weigh less. You yourself in another attempt at ridiculing my reply have illustrated it very well in your reply, indicating that it would amount to 13 pence extra - well done! As it happens at home I got the weight limit wrong and only one case was marginally over the limit, so I spread the load more evenly between the two cases and all was well with the world.
  25. Cat Power

    Perfectly high up worn seamed stockings!!
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