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  2. The comments are so encouraging, thank you
  3. she's really a delight!! bravo hon..
  4. I'm happy some people don't have worst problems than that !! IMHO these tights were probably designed for girls under sixteen !!
  5. Don't worry buddy just having a laugh 😜😜 enjoy the photos
  6. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Both pics are very nice. All the best to Ms S. Thanks for sharing!
  8. A fantastic memory and a new great for all who you have been so kind to share with. Mrs S looks fantastic. Looks like a nurse outfit if I’m not mistaken? Enjoy your weekend both.
  9. Longer shafts on the driver.
  10. Today
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmm...........extremely sexy shot - thanks for posting!!
  12. Sorry, don't understand exactly what you mean, Mr R - what is wrong by my comment??
  13. Yesterday
  14. What a wonderful picture of a sexy women.
  15. Very sexy pictures of a sexy lady
  16. A little bit presumptuous of you Mr Liebhaber,how can you tell 😂😂😜????
  17. Indeed, I would like to see this pic!!
  18. Gorgeous pics again - Mrs R with wearing stockings and suspenders is always a Highlight!!
  19. Anyone up for some sexy shots?????
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