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  2. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Well, I can misspeak, but it will never amount to any where close to your meaningless gibberish. "We have almost half of our respective countries, in the US we could say over half, in which the citizens can't, or won't hold the gov accountable." It makes sense to me...……… Well, it did at one time.
  3. caught

    Lovely ! 🙂
  4. Red ...

    Absolutely delightful ! 🙂 Just wish I was sat next to you 😁
  5. Weighing in on a subject

    Too much info for my attention span. I wonder if one had a blivet of fatsos, the pences would start adding up. But really, if you considered the fuel cost and compared it to the total cost of running the business, I wonder if it would be noticeable.
  6. Weighing in on a subject

    Didn't some German guy having the name of Lord Hamburger invent the meat between two slices of bread?
  7. Weighing in on a subject

    Chum on the waters for you, m'man. Socialism fattens you up until you're ready for the market. Then you get lean when the results of Socialism kicks in.
  8. Are we sitting comfortable?.. I am now .. 🤪
  9. New Here

    we enjoyed our time in California, but it was a desert as far as finding stockings, so you will enjoy SHQ for shopping. the deliveries are discreet if that's a worry. does she wear too? life starts at 6 straps hon...
  10. Love playing games 😘 very sexy btw
  11. barely black gio's

    Gorgeous in black and red 😘
  12. caught

    Lovely captured too 😘
  13. Juliet Landau sitting at a table in the prison visiting room talking to her husband with her stocking tops showing. Definitely not Spanx or a mic cable. Heh.
  14. New Here

    Couldn't put it better myself SheerBlackFFS
  15. I’ve looked but no joy 😔
  16. barely black gio's

    Black and Red can draw an eye - but a Goddess form attired as said, can turn a head, raise a smile and so to bed 🛏 #perfection #coldshower
  17. Wearing panties as another option

    You look so good!
  18. Words

    Salt 🧂
  19. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Plenty of them 🙄😬😂
  20. Nude Stockings with Ivory / White Seams

    Try ebay you might be lucky.
  21. New Here

    SheerBlackFFS, I don’t always agree with everything you post but your post above is 100% spot on.
  22. barely black gio's

    THE classic combination, and on such magic thighs!
  23. barely black gio's

    my goodness you are stunning. lovely outfit wow what a figure too. amazing boobies! xx
  24. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I think what he is trying to say is that we should get the Government here in the UK to be accountable for not having sorted out a deal with leaving the EU in the last 2.5 years. Hopefully, the discussions between Labour and Tory ministers will resolve in a there being a plan to make a deal that at least 60% of the country will be happy with having when we leave the EU. But I will not hold my breath, as I cannot see there being a deal done before my birthday in October. I will leave you to work out by October in which year a deal will be done. On the note of brexit, well the Brexit Party anyway. I recently went on a visit to the seaside town in Worthing. It seems that someone from teh Brexit party has been busy putting graffiti about Nigel Farage ruling the country as the tories split on the issue of Brexit on the gentlemens toilet cubicle doors. Adur and Worthing council, I have no doubt will not get a penny from the Brexit party to help with the clean up of the grafiti. It is sad how the country has turned over this issue and people have to turn to damaging other people's property to get their message across.
  25. caught

    Gotta say i love both the legs, stockings AND the heels!
  26. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Isn't it odd, that those Tory MPs who repeatedly tell us we have to honour the vote of the 2016 referendum and not to do so is a travesty of democracy are either: (a) if they are hard line Brexiteers, calling for another vote of no confidence in Theresa May because the one which they lost four month's ago was not the correct result; or (b) if they are less hard line Brexiteers, arguing that the House of Commons should be asked to vote on Theresa May's deal for a fourth time, having rejected it three times, because it is the best option available. It seems like one rule for the Brexiteers and another for the Remainers.
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