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  2. Absolutely love this outfit
  3. Stockings in the car

    Superb set of photos. You're a very lucky hubby.
  4. caught again

    Thank you Angels wear white too 😇
  5. Stockings in the car

    Amazing very sexy
  6. Stockings in the car

    Some definite stupendous views of your good lady who has amazing legs that look wonderful covered in sheer nylon. Some gorgeous holdups and fabulous stockings with great suspenders. She looks like a lady that appreciates the power of dressing sexy and teasing so well.
  7. It’s getting warmer in Las Vegas, time to cool off !
  8. oxford event

    Others who attended my event may have posted photos elsewhere x
  9. Stockings in the car

    stunning pictures of a lovely lady - thank you
  10. oxford event

    Yes .. look on the main forum ... Wow what An amazing stockings get together x
  11. I would imagine Sue will get many an admiring glance and gaze dressed as sexily as this. She looks so teasingly flirty and fabulous. Great to see that much black seamed stockings on show on her lovely legs.
  12. caught again

    There's just something so sensually arousing watching a gorgeous lady with fabulous legs adjusting her suspenders whilst exposing her stocking tops and this is a perfect example. Love the white stockings they look so smooth and those heels are definitely killer.
  13. Feet in nylon

    If the weather's a-changing then tights might be better than stockings, LOL!
  14. caught again

    ... another in front 😍
  15. caught again

    Thank you for your time viewing. 😘
  16. barely black gio's

    love it GODDESS looking sexy as ever
  17. Panties under pantyhose

    Never wear anything under pantyhose.
  18. barely black gio's

    Wonderful! I don't know how you get the stockings so high up on your thighs, but it's spectacular! Thanks you!
  19. I wear them because I love the look and feel of them and have done so for many many year now. Though have to admit I’m a hold ups fan, and always have been since I tried my first pair on, just loved the deep lace welt and the fact you didn’t need to bother with straps. Also I find tights/pantyhose a nightmare to get on after I hurt my back years ago as I don’t have the same range of movement in my left leg these days, and I also don’t like feeling the waist band rolling down. If I do wear tights, it’s only ever without panties though.
  20. Weighing in on a subject

    Especially as the weight of individual passengers is negligible when compared to the overall weight of the plane. It's a case of people looking for reasons to argue that they are being treated unfairly, in exactly the same way they shame the poor, or bash the migrants. It's more to do with people venting their frustrations about their own inadequacies by finding someone else to blame. Standard fare for the OFT (pun only slightly intentional).
  21. no chat bubble

    No chat bubble today. Ah well guess I’m going to have to get on with the other things I had planned
  22. no chat bubble

    spoke too soon,gone again
  23. One simply stunning lady who looks amazing.
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