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good god :P think I may require medical treatment :P

Laughinghly as I remember from the 90s to this day (optiosnf or those who wear the dress ) it was the norm for nurses to wear stockings and suspenders (some exotic belts) ...now its hold ups.

2 decadesa ago, I thought brunette mousy sister on opthalmic ward in ones local hospital wore a basque under her uniform! Lots of black lace , body type under from what one could see down... could have been a balck lace teddy to be fair.






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51 minutes ago, The Colonel said:

one or two from my own collection.... 

blue candy stripe.jpg

white dress black stockings.jpg

Red Belt.jpg




Nurse Millington.jpg

Nurse smoking BW.jpg


Kathy West 2.jpg

Linda Lovelace.jpg

making the bed.jpg

Very nice Colonel saaaaaahhh!


Reiterating what I said , pics 1 ,3 and 4 ...again one saw that attire under staff nurses uniforms (have good friends lol)...so not unusual lest soft vorn lol...

very the norm..

Look hard (no pun intended) and its still around to this day not as much as 2 decades ago...

Sounds weird but and a surprise a fair few nurses I think you find would prefer the starch dress uniform as opposed to tunic and trousers...only think would put them off is pervy (old) patients lol when bending over.



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I remember the early photo of Mary Millington, quite a star back in the day. Another great selection of stocking clad nursing staff photos, Thanks weasel.

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