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Best Red Shiny Tights

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Can anyone recommend any red tights that are really shiny? I’ve seen some on eBay, which I think are unbranded, but the delivery is quite long because they come from China. Also seen red CDR Eterno tights, but not sure what they’re like, they look quite thin meaning the colour doesn’t appear to be so vibrant. Any suggestions would be grateful.



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Depends on how opaque you want have several reds. First are my Music Legs lurex tights second are my Eternos third are my CDR Uppsala brand forth are my JA tights fifth are my Philippe Matignon tights one's or you can take a look at one's am thinking about getting they are the Silvia Grandi Top 20 Lucido they are glossy. Hopes this helps seeing what they look like on someone.

Music Legs red and gold lurex tights black mini.JPG

Eterno glossy red mini heels.JPG


red tights &wht mini.JPG

Red Philippe Matignon brand hose mini and heels.JPG

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