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Hello, i have a question.

When i wear my garter belt with lycra stockings, after a while, it starts to go down back. (the garter belt, not stockings)

Usually I wear the garter belt at the height waist. The garter belt has eight straps and comes from Nylonz.

Should I extend the straps? How can I solve?

Thanks for all :)


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Greetings there Paola.

Welcome to SHQ. I'm not the expert here though from the sound of things you may not have a proper fit to and with  the garment. I surmise you may be on the "slim" side perhaps? Those that so to say, lack curves do have a harder time getting grip with items of this nature. Not always but as a generality. Some gals have made mention they have trouble with bra straps that slide down and the most of them tend to be rather willowy which lends itself to that sort of fashion situation. You simply may not have enough physical area for the garment to hold or are as mentioned are the lean side, may have the wrong size or style to fit you and or a combo of the aforementioned. Finding what's right can be a frustration though when all finally works out has gratifying rewards.  

Also, Lycra stockings generally have more "pull" as is the nature of the material. Stockings of such (along with Agilon, Cantrece, the wonderspun Nylons) hold advantages as to form and fit (they will accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes for which traditional stockings may not) and they do usually fit well though there is a trade off as you've noticed, they have a lot more tension. With you, they pull your garter belt down. You might try a different size stockings if you are at ease with the garter belt and even consider experimentation, time consuming with attendant expense but then again, when it works...

Others I'm sure will have more sage and sound advice, I see this as more of a physics situation and believe there to be solutions. One dare I say, you may care to consider flat knit or micro mesh stockings which presents another learning curve though the bottom line has you need to do what fits you and you feel most comfortable with.

Hope this info may help.  

Fine Regards,


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Ciao Paola,

obviously your garter belt should pull your stockings up rather than your stockings pull your garter belt down. The fact that the latter is happening implies to me that your belt is too large and you will have to go down a size.

I assume that your belt has fasteners and is not merely elastic. If it is, it won't work whatever the size.

For the sage and sound advice referred to by Dworkin, I can't think of a better person than the lovely Cora Harrington, who used to post here under the name of Stocking Addict. She has since expended her interests and now has a wonderful site called "The Lingerie Addict".

Here's what she has to say about garter belts:


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thanks for everyone for advice, tha size of garter belt isn't large on the contrary, it tightens too much. It's probably too elastic


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