A creak of the Closet Door

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I am Firmly in the closet Only my Wife knows about my dressing and She Approves and Joins in, We Both Prefer it This way as for Many Reasons Outing Myself to the Big Wide World is what we would want.

But Recently I have had this feeling that I needed to tell somebody, And So I decided to tell a long time female friend about my dressing, Albeit via email but I told her!.

She wasn't Shocked, Didn't Call me names, She was very supportive and asked lots of questions that I had the option to answer or not.

She asked about my sexual feelings, Was I Hetro, Gay, or Bi, Did My wife know?, had I ever been with another Crossdresser or did I want to go with another CD, How long had i been Dressing, Did I go out dressed ?.

She is very supportive and not judgemental about My Dressing or Me, She did mention that She had always thought that I had some female traits about me and also said that in conversations sometimes I had too much knowledge of Women's clothes and Fashion !.

I sent Her a Photo of my Legs in Stockings and Heels, Her reply was that I have better legs than She does !! which i took as a compliment because I have always thought her legs were fantastic.

This series of emails has given me a real boost, I was feeling weighed down, not by guilt of dressing (thats never been a thing with me) but just seems that I needed to tell somebody to let out some pressure.

My Wife was Unsure in the beginning that I should tell anybody else, But She was pleased that i had chosen who i did as She is a trusted friend.

So the Closet Door has creaked open ever so slightly !

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Trust your gut to whom else you tell as i have found out that people ive known for years did not have the reaction i thought they would and others who suspected were very supportive. Its a broad wide world out there and baby steps are called for at this point. I commend you on your commitment and your support of your loving wife.



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Well done Vanessa. It is not an easy thing to do and you have to choose carefully. But I think you will be surprised by peoples reactions and positive attitudes toward you.

Well done and congratulations. Onward and upward from here gurl !!!!


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