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Anyone like suspender hose?

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i Folks.

My opinion about these shall remain, well, let's say neutral, however, two ways to launder these is either delicately by hand or should a washing machine with agitation be employed, use a lingerie gag or in a pinch, a mesh net bag much like citrus fruit might be packaged in as once these garments get tangled you have bin or fluff material. Please note all fruit mesh bags are not equal as some are by nature are bit rough and make sure the bag is not too big for the contents.



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On 26/01/2018 at 11:27 AM, stockingsadmirer68 said:

Better than tights but do get in a bit of a joe mangle in the washing machine :58674be766e2b_EmojiSmiley-16: 

Looking good on you though :58674be0c2f40_EmojiSmiley-06:

One should never wash any nylons in a washing machine, they should always be washed by hand.

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