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Going upstairs in a short dress.

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Lovely sighting this morning. After  a fitness session at the local sports centre I was sat having a coffee with a group of male friends at the bottom of a steep staircase of about 30 steps. What a sight as an admin worker came down the stairs in a very short bodycon dress, black tights and heels - well groomed with long hair and 30s and first class shapely legs. She also got a couple of coffees to take up stairs to her office and we were all treated to the  delight of watching her shapely bottom sway up the stairs and see her tight dress ride up to the top of her thighs encased in shiny black tights.  She was unable to adjust it as she was carrying two coffees.We all stopped conversation to enjoy the view  from our table right at the bottom of the stairs. She must have been aware that we were enjoying!

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