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Ladies, please take some mercy on me. I’m a 71 yo man who has had a nylon fetish all my life. My wife used to wear for me and we would enjoy all type of sex with her using the smell to bring me to fantastic heights.
She has MS for the last ten years and I haven’t had one sniff of that scent that drives me wild. I would gladly pay a reasonable amount for a pair of your smelly nylons. I’ve had a couple from other ladies, but they
only smelled of perfume, not that mix of sweat, nylon and leather that i crave. I enjoy all the pics on the net and fantasize about that smell. I’ve lost that memory of the scent and would love to enjoy it at least once
more before I go. Not any women wear near me and I am hoping you would understand this desire and help me out. You are so lovely and I’m sure that your nylons would do the trick if you wore them for a few days
getting them real smelly, letting them sit in the toe of your heel each night. 
If I wasn’t on a very limited budget, I would be buying them from everyone, but i need to be selective, and the thought of sniffing yours while I look at your pictures has me throbbing with desire.
Thanks for reading this, and keep us summing with those beautiful nylons feet.
Gramps (Tom)

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