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To the Lady that gave me another terrific tights showing last night, unbelievably my second in two days!

This one though was rather special as she copped me looking at her and responded amazingly to show me that her sheer black tights were also sheer to waist.

Walked in to a pub with Wife, Mam and two cousins who I hadn't seen for ages so we needed a table for five. There were none BUT there was a 4 and a 2 close so I pushed them together. As I did so I saw opposite an attractive Lady in a black and white patterned flower dress sitting with her legs adorned in sheer black tights and the dress was obviously reasonably short as there was a lot of leg on show.

When we sat down I made sure she was in my line of vision and glanced across occasionally to enjoy the view. On one occasion as I did she looked right back at me and smiled, I quickly looked away but just as quickly looked back. She was looking at me as was her husband. She smiled and proceeded to open her legs very wide indeed before crossing them. It gave me a delicious view an I could confirm sheer to waist and black panties.

A short while later having finished their meals they got up and left and I confirmed my thoughts as the dress was mid-thigh. She again smiled as she left.

Anyway some 10 or so minutes later she appeared again as she walked back in to the restaurant bit to use the toilets and then slowly walked back from the toilets. I could only assume she was in the bar so I drained my pint rather quickly and off to the bar I went. She was sitting in the bar with her legs crossed and saw me and smiled. I nervously looked away but as my pint was being served I looked back.

There was no doubting her intentions as she's crossed her legs really high and her dress had ridden up to her bum and she was definitely showing me more than I'd bargained for and boy was it ever sheer black magic. I took my pint and turned to go back in to the restaurant and she moved slightly, uncrossing her legs wide again and stayed that way as I went past.

I looked her right in the eyes and mouthed thanks and she lifted her glass as acknowledgement and smiled again. Her husband was beaming as I guess it was also done for him or more likely completely done for him.

I got back to my seat and, yes, the meal was lovely but the memories were better although sadly when it was our turn to leave the Lady and her husband had left. Wonder if he was driving and what they got up too.

So, two sightings in two days and whilst they may have ONLY been tights, they were fabulous and I deny anyone to tell me they weren't sexy.


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