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need help

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Is it normal for compression stockings to cause uncomfortable sleeping issues?

Any comment will be appreciated.

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Hi Samantha.

Comp stockings may not be comfy for certain folks. A lot depends upon why one wears them. I have a left leg issue and do use them on occasion, have worn them for extended periods and found no undue situation. One does need to pay heed that they do not bunch up or bind particularly at the ankles as this can cause some circulation issues and even sores. One may also be sensitive to the compression factor as they come in very light to quite heavy and tight. Those with a lot of umpf (very scientific word there) may be a source of discomfort if there was any to begin with. Also, when one is not moving the muscles and whole flow system reacts differently and may become more sensitive, especially at the toes. 

Not sure of the situation and perhaps could add more with more input though I do hope the preceding to be helpful.



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