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Lisa x

Just a suggestion...

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Hi everyone...

I recently signed up to another forum as my 'girly' self, with a different subject matter which is another interest of mine. During the sign up process I needed to provide my Debit Card details as proof of Age/ID. Which, because I have nothing to hide I had no problem in doing because I am not breaking any laws presenting as female out in the world often, not even by visiting the ladies powder room's. :-) 

My point is, for the admin's of these sort of sites, I have no problem whatsoever with letting them have such details about me. Because as the internet thumbscrews are tightened and its becoming a little more difficult to be totally anonymous and rightfully so, I say. I mean, what is to stop a terrorist from using a site where the people are very difficult to trace for planning such atrocities as some of the recent attacks around the world?

Maybe a similar system could/should be employed here too? 

Just a thought...

Lisa x

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