Why Are Stockings NOT that Popular in America?

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Oh sorry, didn't know we weren't wearing?  Oh well, guess it'll just be our little secret :)

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The school run in pyjamas is a deplorable ahd disgraceful way of behaving.
Naturally it implies that the pyjama wearer has not washed before leaving the house.
A disgusting example to set for the children. It is an example of extreme idleness.

The excuse "but it is the pace of modern life" is not acceptable, life in not more frenetic today than i years of yore.
No convenience of the car to go EVERYWHERE so 60 or so years back. We walked or rode bicycles.
I got up early, did a paper round before returning home and getting ready and cycling or walking ot school.
School was never less than a mile from home. One just got up early, and woe betide being late for school!

Is it just idle people who get up too late, the rush around in pyjamas to the school? YES!!
A poor example to set and little wonder it is banned by some schools.
The solution is simple, get up in good time, get ready and properly dressed in lingerie and stockings, or a suit (for gentlemen)
Go to work or about one's daily business with pride in your appearance. It is quite straightforward really.
That is my moaning over! 




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