New emojis now available :-)

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I expect this will be popular with some.... with the new version of the forums we have lots of new emojis.

To use them:

1. Click on the little smiley face in the toolbar above where you're typing, next to the <>

2. You'll see a few from each category. To see them all, click on "Categories".

3. Have fun.:58674bdf747cb_EmojiSmiley-04::58674d42aa2c1_EmojiObjects-177::58674c0e68f1f_EmojiSmiley-85:


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David - that does sound good. Can you please tell me how I shut down my id on this site please.


Sorry but I need to exit. The email associated my id has been deleted by now. If there are a simple set of instructions to follow please let me know,


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