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Greetings there Folks.

Long ago, I'm guessing late in the 70's I spied an article in an issue of "Leg Show" back when I still considered it a quality mag, before it went pubic and in my book became less tasteful. There was a fellow that only had a small bit, no more than a page or two should I recall correctly that had just this incredible off the wall info concerning hosiery which I found fascinating. I initiated contact via the mag (again should memory serve though there may have been a contact address provided by the author) and received response. Now this was light years ago, long before the net and I did not have so much as a typewriter so it was a hard copy, on a sheet of paper with ink from a Cross pen. This was also at Mt. Koom where I lived at the time and where I took pics of Stringbean of which there are a few in the back pages of the Gallery. Here should be included the information that I give name to every abode or dwelling I occupy. Mt Koom was at the Hotel DeVur, a once very elegant and stately place with lots of marble and velvet and were the closest accommodations to the world headquarters of General Motors back in the 20's. The structure has also the unenviable reputation of having had more people shot from it (via snipers) during the Detroit race riots of 1967. When I got there the rooms were rented by the month and was in far less than stellar condition in a similar neighborhood. Mt. Koom was on an upper corner floor and commanded a great view and there was a tavern with in stumbling distance, literally- I did so more than once... Rent was cheap, we had a room to jam in (was still trying to do the music thing), there was a liquor store close by, Life was Good. I was blown away that this person who not only would respond but encouraged such. My questions in reflection were pretty primitive as admittedly, I did not know nearly as much as I do now about our favorite topic and realize upon further reflection I'd know a whole lots less were it not for this gentleman. There was great honor that someone would take the time to respond via the US postal system and we had dialogue more than a few times over the ensuing years, always with the same personal response. I was and still am honored by those acts.

By now, I'm guessing many have guessed I'm talking about Frank Sinclair. That he would take the time to help a newbie reflects the kind of person he is and says volumes about his character. I'd been on quest looking about for Frank for a few weeks prior to his entrance at the Forums and almost spilled my martini when I saw his name. Previous searches were fraught with dead ends and the fear was he had left the corporeal realm. The Legster web site went nowhere with regards to contact info, Googling his name went to long dead links, couldn't find Kathy (his wife) active on eBay and I contemplated contacting Susan and Mercedes (she used to have pics at the old version of Legster and has her own site, and indeed a nice sight she is) and Wah La, he turns up right there on the monitor. After picking myself up from the floor it was a bit before I could stop vibrating. Frank, it is sooooooo good to see you here, alive and well. To any that might care, I hold Frank in very high esteem and should I sound like I'm gushing, well, I am. This is a fellow who has massive amounts of integrity and when I get the shrine built (waiting on the polished Italian marble) I'll make admission free. There was the honor back when the publication he produced allowed for publication of a story I submitted about Stringbean, a wild weekend involving psychotropic substances, outrageous attire befitting this site, further outrageous behavior, pretty much banged out on an old IBM Selectric typewriter (these were beasts, weighed more than a boat anchor, were indestructible and very pricey to maintain- the type "ball" head replacement was about $90, more than a car brake job then) and I included a copy of a pic of Stringbean which again is in the Gallery, that with the blue dress which was also printed though in black and white. That particular story is not proper fodder for these pages and has never been reduced to binary. Frank has an incredible wealth of info and no doubt has forgotten more than I'll ever know. We do have at least a similarity: we both tried to set the World afire via music. Frank got farther I think but most importantly, he found the absolute dream job. Were that to have been me, I'd have had my heart attack at a much earlier age then 27.

The proverbial hat off to you Frank and I tip my glass. May your prose, both ordinary and extraordinary grace these pages. Your presence is a benefit to all that choose to peruse these pages.

Fine Regards,


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