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Found 9 results

  1. girlfriends house the other night and she was babysitter her little cousins again (Both 9 year olds). I knew she was picking them up after work so I hoped she wouldnt have changed out of her tights yet...I was right. She was just in her comfy vest and little tiny bum shorts. I couldnt beleive my luck! First time seeing her in the tight shorts. She was wearing her slippers as well, her feet were sore after wearing heels all day (Receptionist). I spent the whole time staring at her nylon clad legs. The kids then wanted to play cops and robbers with her (as they usually do :P) so she became their "hostage". I helped them tape her hands and legs, just before I put the tape over her mouth she said "...after you gag me...wanna rub my feet for a bit. I have had such a hard day?". This was music to my ears. I gagged her with the tape (not really effective) she let out a few playful mmphs and struggled for a bit. The kids then played their game and she pretended to escape, struggle, mmph etc...I got to see some really good upskirt, black panties underneath...I was in a world of my own. The kids then started to play their games with one another so I took her slippers off and began to rub her hosed feet. They smelt great as well. She mmphed softly while rubbing them so I knew she enjoyed it. About 10 minutes later the kids wanted to play with their video games. So I untied her and we watched tv. She has her legs up on the whole time :P Great night! Here is a pic I took! Hope you guys enjo
  2. Saddened to hear of the death of Keith Chegwin today, got me thinking of the lovely Maggie Philbin his ex wife, a quick search on Google came up with this. RIP Keith.
  3. Hey all, it's been a long while since I've posted on SHQ but I love reading the forums. I just wanted to share a few photos I've taken lately and see what people think. This is a black vintage-style set I got recently - Complete with 6-strap suspender belt and seamed stockings :) I have tried to strike some poses but I'm no professional so hope they look ok! Look forward to seeing what you think and if anyone has any tips (or recommendations for other good vintage-style lingerie!). Oh, and more pics are available via my Google Plus page if anyone wants to link up with me there :) Best, Becca xx
  4. Lady G asked me to meet her at her office. When I arrive, the do was open so I went straight in... and what a sight to be greeted by!
  5. Mrs B and I will be spending the next few days / nights in Belgium. I'm expecting plenty of sightings as she's mainly packed skirts and dresses and plenty of hold ups and stockings. If you're in town, you might get a lucky glimpse or three.
  6. I'm looking for Cuban heel stockings, 100% nylon, reinforced heel, almost see through, 10-15 denier, wide straight band at the top, not glossy or satin/silky, non stretch, dry almost crisp when knees or legs are rubbed together, the band at the top contrasting with the rest of the stocking... Yes he is THIS particular
  7. You guys really made my day with all your wonderful comments on my last post, so here is another set of photos I took the other night (December 1). Hope you all enjoy! Love, Brie... PS: Click on the image twice to see the full-size picture.
  8. Thought I would celebrate my Scottish heritage and wear a mini tartan skirt and RHT black stockings...enjoy! PS: A thousand kisses to the guy or gal who can identify the clan to which the tartan belongs. Again, click on the image TWICE to get the full size, high definition version. All hot comments gleefully welcomed!
  9. It's Christmas time ! oh oh oh ! Nice Santa, no ? want the suite ? Thanks to comment.