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Found 6 results

  1. Morning/afternoon/ evening (delete as appropriate 😊 everyone, All well with you I hope. As a newbie here I wonder whether you would mind me asking for feedback on this image - one of many - of my young lady in all of her finery? As you may be able to gauge from my profile, all comments will be gratefully received and compliments happily fed back to their subject. B
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm amazed this hasn't been posted yet.
  3. The skirt that is but , it just kept creeping up .....
  4. Hi everyone , i just wondered if anyone ( thats ANYONE ) have any thoughts on their footwear with stockings . Do you think a certain shoe type goes well with a stocking type or vice versa , lets see what you think . Many thanks in advance x
  5. Just wondering guys what your favourite colours are for stockings. I love red, white or black mainly but have worn other colours. A few examples pictured.
  6. Brie is dressing for success...but is she being too overtly sexual? You be the judge...