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Found 6 results

  1. Here are pics at casino. I had a crowd behind me as I was rolling the dice. I wore seamed hose and also crotchless hose. I wonder why I drew such a crowd.
  2. me wearing a pair of navy pantyhose do you like the outfit
  3. this is a perfect outfit for riding up an escalator
  4. Wife loves to flirt with strangers at the bar and pretends she doesn't know they can see her skirt here is a picture of her ready to head down to the bar
  5. Wife likes to tease at work by wearing mini skirts and pantyhose and spiked heels
  6. Wij deftig en verzorgd koppel met een enorme passie voor nylons en high heels,zouden heel graag vernemen of er ook koppels en singel mannen actief zijn in Belgie? Durf je mening zeggen. Zouden heel graag en nederlandstalig forum oprichten voor de echte liefhebbers(sters) van nylon kousen en hoge hakken. Kyra -roger