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Found 3 results

  1. Prague

    In Prague just now and the amount of Nylon on show 😀
  2. Steve Maddens on holiday ...........
  3. Vintage Non-Stretch Nylons

    Hi there. I am new to the forum. My first post! I have been looking high and low for a certain type of tights an ex girlfriend used to buy. They were a sheer-to-waist style, thin seams and no obvious panty reinforcement. But the main thing about them was they they were a non-stretch type and had a very different and slightly rough feel. The beauty of these tights was that they looked incredibly thin and were the hottest tights I have ever seen. They looked like they were far less than 10 denier and they had a really expensive vintage look about them. I think I can narrow the brand down to either Couture or Pretty Polly. but I might be wrong there. I wonder if they are still made? So my question is, does anybody know these tights and if/where I might still be able to buy them? If not, what would be a good replacement? Thanks.