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Favourite hosiery brand or style

Found 8 results

  1. full fashioned pantyhose this is one of my favorite outfits to flirt in
  2. Following a thread on this site, I ordered some "cheapies" from Aliexpress. They come a little short in sizing, they feel nice on and seem pretty tough. Being short, I think they suit my look.. showing some bare thigh between the tops and my dress. What do you think? Sorry that my second showing seems to be similar to my new to site pic, but I wanted to show the heels and seams..lol. I'll try harder next time to find a more rounded pic. xx
  3. Well Hi I just thought I'd say hello as I just joined having found this amazing forum a few days ago. I'm a guy in my 50's, happily married with two kids and am a closet heels and stockings wearer. I do have some panties and a couple of skirts as well but haven't gone the whole hog with full dress, wig, make up etc. as I'm not sure that's my thing. I've always as long as I can remember been obsessed with women in stockings and heels and have been buying all my wife's heels for her for years. I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to try out in heels as why should the girlies have all the fun, and I told my wife. Big mistake! She freaked out big time as she wanted to be married to a 'Man' not some weird person who wanted to be a woman. I tried to explain that I am very much man and have no desire to become a woman but she didn't get it and I dropped the subject there and then. You guys who have wives and girlfriends who are on board with your passion are so lucky. I cant begin to tell you how I envy you. Anyway it is what it is. I quickly discovered that wearing and walking in high heels was definitely for me, and stockings followed very soon after. I tried holdups to begin with but found I'm allergic to the silicone in the band. Not good 🙄. So suspenders all the way. I now have a rather too large collection of heels, stockings, suspender belts and the aforementioned panties and skirts squirrelled away in the garage for my pleasure when I get the chance. I do keep a pair of heels at work mind, and wear them for a while in the mornings before anyone else gets in. I also wear stockings and suspenders under my trousers in the office most days. There's nothing like the feel of the nylon moving on your legs as you walk, especially when wearing trousers over the top as they pull the stockings around with them slightly. And the suspender straps moving around and teasing away at one's thighs and buttocks.........😁 The best moments though are when you slide them on and do up the suspender clips, such a rush. Love it! 🙂 So in the absence of anyone to share this with I was really pleased to find this forum with all you lovely like minded people. I just bought on of those bluetooth remote shutter controller thingy's for my mobile as my arms aren't ten feet long. A must for those of us who don't have a partner to take pics of us I think 😕 so here are a few not so good photos taken this morning (in the loo sorry). I hope they meet with approval and I will get some better ones sorted. I only spotted the ladder after i'd put them on. (This is one of my favourite pairs of heels). Best regards to all.
  4. Getting ready for a sexy night in
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