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    I've been a member for ages, but only just started making the best of it. I love to see the ladies wearing stockings and holdups (and dare I say, even tights!) Nylon looks great, whatever kind it is. And a sexy pair of knickers to accompany them is very welcome too (or maybe no knickers at all!!). I've discovered that they feel rather good on too, but don't get a chance to wear that often.
    Please keep posting the lovely pics. And I'm happy to chat to anyone, so please say hi. No need to ask first.

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  1. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Fair enough, that's better evidence, yes.
  2. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Well the evidence of it being a fake account that's presented here is not exactly conclusive. It's probably correct, but certainly not enough to go accusing anyone of being a fake. Keep up the detective work and come back when you have something that would convict.