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  1. I have been with my girlfriend for the best part of a year and for the first time in my life I know that I want to be with them forever more. I decided to tell her last weekend that I have always liked stockings and various other clothes and thought that she would look beautiful in them and I would be over the moon if she would want to wear things like that and wondered if she would like to. She listened to me tell her one of the most personel things in my life and it is something I have never felt comfortable enough to tell anyone else. I wanted her to know something private and intimate about me and after it was all said and done I felt we became even closer because of how honest and open I was. She told me a few things that she liked and I said I was more than happy to try anything and would like to please her in any way I could. She didn't think I was weird and said that she would like to wear things that I thought she would look nice in and to just buy her some things and she would try them on. I bought a suspender belt from this website along with some black gio rhts and a silk chemise - all very respectable and elegant and I thought it would compliment her well as she has the most beautiful body and looks good in anything all the time. She had no problem with the chemise but took complete offence to the stockings and suspender belt accusing me of wanting her to look like a whore and that they were slutty and she couldn't stand the thought of wearing them. I tried explaining that the cheap and tacky outfits she was talking about were completely different and that I would never ask her to dress in anything slutty but she was so offended that she couldn't even stand the sight of them and asked me to get rid of them. I like this style of stockings because I think they look sophisticated and elegant, completely different from something from a place like ann summers etc. I told her that I admire how women dressed years ago and that its more of an admiration than a sexual thing as that wasn't even on my mind. I would just love to see her try something like this with the hope that she would enjoy them and would want to wear them for herself rather than for me. I find the retro look attractive and I'm sure she would see how stockings, when worn properly aren't at all uncomfortable, that they aren't slutty and something that only prostitutes wear and that I only ever meant well and hpoed that we could both enjoy this part of me rather than have to suppress it, which is what I've always done. I don't know how to change her misconception of stockings, especially elegant ones like the ones bought her, away from the slutty kind of image she has in her head. I wouldn't ever want her to look like that or feel uncomfortable, I know I could probably go about things in a different and better way and I hope I'm not being a complete arse about the whole thing, but I also feel upset a little that she would think so bad of me for liking something so "slutty". How do I make this up to her and also explain that it is a million miles away from slutty and all I would do is think she look beautiful? (Not that she doesn't anyway)