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  1. Mouse in the garden today

    Looks like Mouse knows how to enjoy the beginning of spring. Getting out into the yard, enjoying the fresh air, and sunshine. Karen
  2. Advice required're not an idiot for "trying to lie your way out of it" Mav. Until we accept ourselves, and are guilt free, it's extremely difficult to express our true thoughts and feelings. Second...she's opened a dialogue with you, (terrific) so now it's up to her to understand and accept that the lie was the result of guilt/shame. Now that you've confessed, the guilt is gone, the lies have stopped, so get over it woman. Do not allow her to hold the lie over you. Third...she said she doesn't mind you wearing, so believe her and give her the opportunity to be true to her words. Wear when and where you please. Fourth...rules that are fair and just for both parties are fine, but don't let her dictate rules to you. Be respectful of each other, but don't bow to senseless inhibitions, fears, or demands. You'll both regret it if you do. As Michelle CD mentioned, life can get better from here, but you both have to work together for that to happen. NOTE: I'm not a shrink, but since you asked for advice, that's my two pence worth. Karen
  3. Luv the dress, and seeing pics of you out in the sunshine Dayna. Hopefully spring has finally arrived and will stay for awhile on your side of the pond. It was late to arrive, and has been somewhat intermittent here. Karen
  4. New Pics - Fun Outdoor Shoot

    Good to see your amazing legs getting some fresh air and sunshine Chloe, well done. Karen
  5. Do you like going out for a drive dressed?

    Yes I do like going out for a drive dressed. What I wouldn't give if my wife would join me. We could then enjoy the drive same as the two of you do. Karen
  6. A new look perhaps?

    Stunning examples of a favourable outcome when one is willing to experiment. As much as I like polka dots Trinity, that dress is so wrong on you. It simply hides way too much of your fabulous legs. Karen
  7. Happy Birthday Dayna

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to the wonderful, helpful, caring and sharing Dayna. I gotta get back here more frequently and keep up to date. Karen