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    I hate posed stocking shots and prefer the natural unexpected sightings such as an upskirt on a train or in a park
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    Walfords or M&S 10 denier dark
  1. Underwear my mum used to wear (please don't read anything unto-wards into that comment)
  2. Sally James

    She always knew exactly what she was doing and why.
  3. Drinks at the pub.

    I may have to have a stiff one
  4. Stockings Acrobatics

    I would love to see her doing the splits on her back wearing stockings and suspenders
  5. I watched this as a newly pubescent boy with my first VHS recorder set on rewind and play lol
  6. Random Rare

    I love these photos. some I remember, including the one of Pan's People, they were only teenagers but wearing stockings and suspenders so innocently, if only they had known what young men were doing when they watched them on TOTP in the 1960s.