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    I hate posed stocking shots and prefer the natural unexpected sightings such as an upskirt on a train or in a park
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    Walfords or M&S 10 denier dark
  1. He always does so I ignore him like the rest of you!
  2. Lovely peachy bum on display, well done!
  3. I hope she wears this for Harry on their honeymoon
  4. Megan wore black stockings and suspenders playing a saucy maid in an episode of CSI
  5. Couple before dinner

    I am surprised you made it to dinner, with legs and stockings like that available I would not have left the bedroom!
  6. My wife Pat

    Pat is a sassy lady with great pins, love the outdoor night photo, very arousing!
  7. Random

    Fabulous photos, well done!
  8. My wife #2

    Delightful bottom
  9. Thank You

    With a sexy bottom like that you have to wear stockings and suspenders, shame not to!
  10. Enjoying the nice weather

    Did you dare to wear this in public?