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    I'm a stockings & lingerie admirer who loves to see all ages ,shapes and sizes wearing

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  1. Such nice knickers and suspenders , contrast nicely with her black seams
  2. Mrs r new stockings

    She look wonderful , very sexy
  3. OH MY GOD YES Iwouldnt be able to keep my eyes on the road or my hands of you
  4. Ready to Party !

    Sooooooooooooooooooooo elegant , WOW !
  5. I've got lots to put under my tree , can you come and help me
  6. kinky boots

    mmmmmmmmmmm that cleavage
  7. What’s your favourite colour nylons?

    I love black and red but do have a thing for white/cream nylon
  8. For all you tights lovers

    she looks so HOT
  9. Fantastic collection of pics , so sexy
  10. More Allo Allo

    Vicki Michelle was sooooooooooo sexy