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  1. I’ve been asked by a dear friend here on SHQ to post my ramblings about Saturday evening so here goes. I went out on Saturday night and arranged to meet the lovely Dayna from here on SHQ in Manchester’s Village. We had a good catch up as I’ve not seen her since before Xmas. I wore Wolford Tights Satin Touch 20 in Gobi and a black Naturana bodysuit. I wore my latex hips and boobs to give me that curvaceous womanly shape. Now please don’t lambast me but I wore a pair of what I used to know as ski pants, like thick leggings with a stirrup under the heel so they don’t ride up. A small black and white check which I bought from M&S only that day whilst out with my wife. I also bought a t-shirt bra in black (which fits a treat I must say). I finished the look with a long chiffon blouse which is longer at the back and finishes at my upper thigh. I wore black suede ankle boots that have a rounded point toe and a 3” heel. I must admit I felt ever so feminine, always avoiding the tarty look and aiming to achieve the cis girl look. I’ve bought a new hair do. A Rene of Paris number called Evanna in Mochaccino, long rooted, a kind of relaxed look. It’s quite a current style and very authentic and relatively inexpensive. I did my nails in Opi black gloss but when they had dried, I applied an Opi Matt top coat and I have to admit they looked awesome. I received 3 compliments about them. What more could a girl wish for after putting in the effort. I was told I looked beautiful by a gay guy who was with 2 cis girls in the unisex toilets and then they all proceeded to say nice things about my look which I took great pleasure in and thank them gracefully. Dayna and I did the usual venues, No.1, Via, The Goose an finally OnBar. Dayna looked fabulous, as always but I’ll omit from describing here outfit for the evening for when she posts a DNO. Dayna and I went our separate ways just after midnight and I drove home happy. Not a drop of alcohol passed my pinky lips I have to say but I’d not eaten since lunchtime and was peckish to say the least. So on the way home I went through the McDonalds drive through at my local Motorway Services. Oh well, I can’t be girly all the time 😂. I only live 5 mins from there so I saved myself until I got home and did my fine dining in private. Well another lovely evening in the life of Helen👩🏽.