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  1. Friday night in Chester.

    Excellent post!! Hope the OP knows what he’s letting himself in for.
  2. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    Anybody else think it might just have been a good idea to have these political chats, to air political differences and points of agreement, and to get ourselves properly informed BEFORE the Government invoked Article 50? I face the public every day and I’ve never seen people as politicised, by which I mean interested and engaged, as they are right now. It’s three years too late!
  3. Spa incident.

    I often agree with stuff you say but this comment is so wrong on so many levels I hardly know where to begin. If a girl wears stockings it doesn’t automatically make her feminine, or ‘more’ feminine. If she wears trousers, it doesn’t automatically make her unfeminine. The most beautiful sight I’ve ever...forget it, I give up.