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  1. Pretty straight, but worth keeping an eye on them - just in case 😊
  2. Unfortunately I’ve had defects with ‘perfects’ as well, not very often, but it has happened. It’s pretty rare and in my experience it tends to be with the everyday sort of quality. More expensive makes always seem to be ok. SHQ are very good and very quick at processing a refund or an exchange.
  3. I agree with everything Canuckcouple says there - for my part, I like the SHQ belts but wish I could find a belt with shorter straps!
  4. Pic was lovely, beautifully framed derrière, pity it’s been removed but worth it while it lasted 😀
  5. Lovely legs!
  6. Disagree - it shouldn't be about him at all, but he does like to make it so. Or at least, tries to. And mangles the English language in the process.
  7. Art forms which should be recognised and appreciated? I suspect you're having a laugh. I hope so.
  8. Skirt...I mean, you have fantastic legs, no denying, but they are perfectly set off by that skirt. Lovely!
  9. It's just the usual gibberish. "...this ickle glamour world..." - dear me!
  10. Ah drk, you beat me to it! (Geddit?) 😊
  11. These pics get better each time you see them. What a treat - what a figure!
  12. Fantastic legs and lovely shoes, we do love opaque holdups !
  13. What drk said, love the skirt, you look magnificent