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  1. Feet in nylon

    oh my.... This brings back those high school days.....
  2. Feet in nylon

    Oh these look so warm and moist from a night out..... time to play....sniff sniff...... stiff stiff.....
  3. Feet in nylon

    sniff sniff..... stiff stiff....
  4. and after the night, they your poor nylons feet could use a loving massage.....
  5. Nylon Bondage

    i'd rescue this lovely damsel.......
  6. The thought of her legs in some 60's Hanes, or Belle-Shamir stockings, would really bring out the sexy legs and pointed toes......
  7. Feet in nylon

    Alex, you surely know what gets my juices flowing...... would give whatever for some of their smelly nylons.....hummmmmmmm
  8. Stocking feet

    Oh those look sooooo smelly good after your day in heels....