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  1. Very naughty elf ? !

    Sleeping on the job ?
  2. Raunchy Chat Line

    Yes, I am different and no, no one like me.
  3. Raunchy Chat Line

    Haaa haaa... welcome back. Had me fooled for a moment.
  4. tousled and windswept is good.
  5. Raunchy Chat Line

    On further investigation it appears your picture is on many a porn site, you reap what you sow.
  6. Raunchy Chat Line

    Make it clear from the start what you are prepared to discuss and if they cross this line put on 'ignore'. Unfortunately with so many men in there pretending to be women and 'talking dirty', the other poor little loves get confused on how to talk to a real lady.
  7. Very naughty elf ? !

    Now you're making a mess !
  8. Very naughty elf ? !

    No damage risk today
  9. How did I miss this ? First picture is brilliantly sexy.
  10. Very naughty elf ? !

    Where will he end up next ?
  11. I have a VERY naughty elf...I wonder what he will get up to ?

    1. stockingsadmirer68


      Rummaging through your drawers maybe? 👀🤔😮

    2. wifeingios


      Carry out your every wish.

  12. The 'new' dangerous drivers

    Over the last 24 hours I have witnessed multiple cases of shocking and dangerous driving - speeding, oblivious of other road users, severe lack of spatial awareness, no comprehension of highway code. Unfortunately all these drivers were mature and supposedly experienced. Our youngsters nowadays have to have a box fitted to their car, to monitor the speed, braking and acceleration, in order to be insured. What are peoples views on compulsory driving tests or fitting these boxes for the over 70's ?