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  1. Our Contribution

    Do you have your own playroom ?
  2. Night out at hotel

    Just for the bedroom ? Such a shame, take your wife out and show her off.
  3. Monday Again !

    Such beautiful skin, Such a sensuous mouth, Such fun knickers, All round sexy and adorable lady.
  4. Why do I sell stuff on Ebay only to buy more ! :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rowlf


      If you're making a profit, that's capitalism. If not, you're indulging your hobby.

    3. kellym


      It's a vicious cycle for some.

    4. SeamsFFun


      There are worse things to be addicted to Flutters and I'm sure your purchases are wonderful and make sheer sense at the time!


  5. Just a little teaser

    Well thank your wife for flirting with us.
  6. Very first post :)

    Looks a very interesting dress.
  7. Not looking good folks

    In the past gentlemen always wore a shirt and tie, whatever the weather or event, yet sadly now its seem to be hoodies/sweatshirts/t-shirts and ill fitting jeans whatever the age or occasion. If there were more gentlemen I'm sure there would be more ladies and visa versa, yet both seem to be lacking in modern society. Maybe its a general decline of respect...for oneself and others.