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  1. Odd thing is, she possibly chose to wear a thong so her VPL wasn't too obvious in a light coloured dress. Us men just dont understand..... Nice capture though!
  2. For The Bump Lovers

    Suspender bumps are always so teasing, much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Out for a meal last night.

    Very nice outfit but even better lingerie! Thank you
  4. Basque Revealed

    WoW!!! That is some lovely lingerie, and what a fine form to display it on, magnificent photos, much appreciated.
  5. Lovely teasing shots, stockings, suspenders, fine legs and a bar, what's not to like?! Thanks
  6. I'm sure he'll be dreading going back to work even more after seeing your surprise, what a great fun attitude! Thanks for treating us too
  7. Cotswolds this weekend

    Have a great break wherever you decide on.
  8. In the car

    Never tire of seeing those magnificent long legs clad in nylons, Thanks for sharing
  9. Katies Easter Egg Hunt

    And never has chocolate looked so mouth wateringly delicious, definately a yummy mummy! Thank you Katie!
  10. Rear of the year

    Gorgeous selection of stocking clad ladies and pert derriers! Much to consider! Thanks
  11. English meet French !

    I bet you had admiration everywhere you went too, a lovely group of ladies in classic seams, fabulous. Thanks for posting
  12. More random ones

    Have you all met the wife??..... Great selection, Many Thanks for posting
  13. Great photo, and I'm pretty sure I can see stocking tops despite the above denial!??? Thank you for sharing
  14. Nice Pins

    Lovely legs in well suspendered stockings, Thank you!
  15. Friday night in Chester.

    Hmmm, it seems that what Chester lacks in knickers, it makes up for in suspense and intrigue! Sat here, holding my popcorn, awaiting developments!..... Thank you!