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  1. no chat bubble

    Not just disappeared it appears the forum presentation is playing up too?
  2. For The Bump Lovers

    Gotta love Mrs B's daring ways. A very exciting sight indeed and love that the stockings are black and in public too. Gorgeous lady in a gorgeous dress.
  3. Out for a meal last night.

    Absolutely delicious Elizabeth a starter, main course and dessert all rolled in to one. Superbly sexy, delightfully daring and so incredibly sexy.
  4. Stockings or tights....

    I think I can understand that some CDs/TVs/Trans/Gurls would enjoy tights more than stockings as the material reaches and touches parts that they'd like. I love seeing a lady in sheer tights and can never ever understand why some don't find that attractive or sexy. But as a traditionalist you really can't beat a lady that wears stockings and suspenders and enjoys showing them off. Just raises one's interest every single time.
  5. Feet in nylon

    Fabulous black hosiery covered legs and a sexy outfit although from the sofa and keyboard I think I know what occupation that young Tina is engaging in so she needs to be sexily attired.
  6. Feet in nylon

    Yep Alex, she sure does look superbly sexy to me in that stunning outfit BUT …………………………………………………………………………………….
  7. Oh my what a homecoming that must have been. Well done you on showing your love and understanding of your husband in such an excitingly sexy and inviting way. You look superb.
  8. Katies Easter Egg Hunt

    Oh to be an Easter egg and be picked up by you Katie. It would be a sheer thrill to go on such a hunt with such a delicious lady as you. Inappropriately dressed? Nah, seams perfect to me. Fabulous figure and sensational stocking-clad legs.
  9. Katies Easter Egg Hunt

    You could never be unsuitably dressed Katie you are a phenomenal feminine lady that is always a sheer delight to view. The red dress clings to your impressive womanly curves so beautifully and compliments those delicious chocolate Gios so well as they sit so prettily and sexily on those sensational legs of yours. Katie you are a credit to womankind and show exactly why SHQ exists and will prosper.
  10. Looks like the first ones are the most popular and would be my choice too. However, a dress and stockings is definitely the right choice with whatever pair you choose to show off your lovely legs.
  11. In the car

    Superb legs in sensational stockings with killer heels is hard to beat. This lady could drive me anywhere she wants dressed to thrill like that.
  12. Not disturbing to me, just superb stockings and suspenders teasingly flashed. Nice dress also BTW.
  13. Wow, must be really spectacular then!
  14. Feet in nylon

    She looks slightly drunk but that's not a surprise as she's certainly intoxicating me. What a gorgeous figure and legs inside that magnificently sexy bodysuit.
  15. Feet in nylon

    Mmmm she's a really sexy and alluring lady with great legs and showing off wonderful black stockings. We are lucky so many ladies like to show.