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  1. Wonderful teasing thread and you Gurls have certainly done it proud BUT I have to say that in that red-hot lingerie and sensational stockings the gorgeous mrs t has really nailed it.
  2. Magnificent legs in gorgeous sheer black tights shown off in a wonderfully sexy, teasing and flirty manner. You look wonderful.
  3. Wonderful legs and gorgeous tights. Gotta love a lady that goes sheer for work.
  4. That "certain" lady is a legend of the stocking world and a glorious example of a flirty teasing wearer we can all admire. Wonderful uniform wonderfully accessorised by those awesome seams on those lovely legs.
  5. Wonderful images of your wonderful legs and superbly comforting and exciting to see them dressed in black seamed stockings out and about in public. I really think you should take that chap up on his offer as long as Alan goes with what harm can come of it and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  6. Oh WOW Alex, she's a fox! Stunning lady in a very naughty outfit and those gorgeous black tights look awesome on her sensational legs.
  7. You have got lovely legs, a fabulous figure and a very sexy demeanour. Your husband is very lucky that you indulge him so.
  8. I couldn't imagine a night-out with you would ever be run-of-the-mill Dayna. You look superbly feminine as always and that's a sexy bit of skirt-lifting too to show off those great stocking-clad legs.
  9. You thought right! Magnificent stockings on beautiful legs immaculately suspendered. Very teasing and sexy photos.
  10. I hope you don't mind me saying but I don't like whalenets. What I do like though is this extremely gorgeous and sexy lady. That dress is amazing and shows off a fabulous figure and whilst I don't like whalenets there's no denying she also has a spectacular pair of legs.
  11. Lucky, lucky, lucky you. Mrs Rob is without doubt one of the sexiest and most beautiful wearers on here and she almost treats us as much as she treats you with her fabulous teasing flirty ways.
  12. Well, I love it when Leanne does a lift especially when it's her hemline. What a wonderful pair of legs she has and such gorgeous black lace-top holdups upon them. Very sexy and certainly gave me a lift.
  13. Very elegant and sexy with a lot of promise of nice things to come. Great legs and beautiful stockings.
  14. I am rather hoping that is Mrs Gio who looks fantastic in that uniform with such gorgeous black seamed stockings. You're one very lucky man if it is.
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