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  1. Really lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.
  2. I'd love to have a ride on your tractor. Only if you asked me nicely, mind you.
  3. There was never ever complaints about the performance from anyone who took a ride in my bulging bonnet Triumph GT6. They always enjoyed the ride.
  4. That is really funny. Jack should worry more about breaking his crown and waiting in A&E for 12 hours before he is treated.
  5. I love you Trinity. Colin is still driving a shed. Colin has got a scanner and I am going to ask him to scan a picture of my old Triumph GT6 so I can show my beautiful Triumph GT6 which I once owned to everyone here. I hope you wont be disappointed because the only picture I have is a sideways view which makes the bonnet bulge of my Triumph GT6 look smaller than it is.
  6. You're a cheeky chappy. Do you you think I would look this good if I didn't apply layers of polyfilla as my foundation before I put my face on?
  7. I am proud to display our brand new car for all to see, straight of the production line. It's a great status symbol on our street. What does the age of your car say about you? I am waiting for our neighbour Colin who drives a V reg Fiesta to see the new car. Do you feel people who drive old cars bring the tone of your area down and make your street look like a slum?
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