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  1. For The Bump Lovers

    she has got one hot body and a sexy outfit on here. lovely. we love her pics when you post them -- she's curvy delicious! these bumps are classy and alluring. wow
  2. Young lady full fashion stockings

    sure. a young lady can wear FFs well, but it depends on the outfit. seeing so many women in their 20s wearing mismatched or "shock" outfits, i surely do not want to see FF stockings with trainers! or FF stockings with a T-shirt. you get my point. FFs are to be worn with elegance in mind. clean, long lines which accentuate the legs, and do not detract from the dress. I really can't see them with a skirt and blouse. you get my point i hope. young people today are known for sloppy dressing and unkempt appearance....FFs cannot be brought down a level in their elegance.
  3. More random ones

    very nice selection of photos. the short haired blonde in red does it for me. and the rest, too. i notice no black women in FFs -- those pics are so hard to find. would love to see some of those.
  4. Out for a meal last night.

    you look terrific -- silky dress, pretty blonde, hot legs, and lovely lace tops. sexy night out for sure. my compliments.
  5. Katies Easter Egg Hunt

    The hottest legs on SHQ! Perfect legs in FFs.
  6. Stockings

    your legs are sexy. the stockings i don't care for. nice to see you're so ladylike.
  7. Stockings

    well there's a classy reply. i guess the only comments allowed on here have to be 100% supportive. i said she has nice legs, just the stockings i don't care for. are you a remainer?
  8. what a man! or are you in a maid's outfit writing this? i guess you told me. please enjoy BBC1 and any woman in a dress and her ankles showing. reminds you of sheep in the highlands. cheers pal!
  9. Spa incident.

    of course not. i meant, on the whole. most women wear trousers, fewer wear dresses. that's a fact. go to the USA and you'll find women go bare legged, not even "pantyhose" anymore. that's a fact. it's a general decline in feminine garments and attire. their femininity comes from within, and many of them, i'd say, act less like ladies and more like contestants too. just one man's opinion.
  10. seeing that, now, no one wants to "remain" ugh.
  11. Spa incident.

    good for you sharon. young women under the age of 30 need a lesson in femininity. they were raised on girl power, trousers and flip flops, and how to complement each other's laziness in dress and grooming. they only wear heels twice a year, or for a first date, and never more. show them what sexy is in sheer nylons and a six strap. good for you. today, even fat girls wear yoga pants and think they're sexy. other girls reinforce this because their egos are so fragile. show them what a woman dresses like.
  12. Stockings

    overdone. beyond classy sexiness in simplicity. sorry. she's got nice legs though!
  13. big deal. boring. the wankers have lowered the bar here to just seeing any woman in tights with crossed legs in order to get their morning spunk. this used to be a place for alluring hints of stocking tops and unsuspecting woman showing gussets and shaded toes, dangling shoes. next it will be teresa may in parliament sitting there with her crossed legs in tights from boots, with skirt below the knee. and 40 of the steadfast wankers will comment "looking good"
  14. no chat bubble

    had it one day, gone for two. then had it, lost it, and now, four days with no bubble. a shit software programme everyone keeps apologising for. when will this be fixed once and for all?