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  1. such gorgeous legs, in lovely chocolate FFs....hot calved and thighs. love the stocking tops. and seams running.... wow --- stunning
  2. always gorgeous and shapely. legs made for FFs

  3. hot hot hot legs on a 50-something CA hottie! perfect FFs!
  4. she's hot, head to toe. gorgeous legs and curves. and one great attitude, her and her husband!
  5. mrs stort really has her sexy going on. terrific legs, what a woman. love her poses, ever since i saw her the first time. hope these two will come to london
  6. i would say the most gorgeous, sexy pair of legs and feet i've ever seen. slender, curvy, perfectly nyloned, and so erotic in those shoes. my god. wow
  7. all three ladies in this thread are showing elegant, sexy legs in nylon -- wow, what a treat. lovely shape, sheer black nylon, and smartly dressed. thank you ladies. i would go down with you anytime.
  8. it's only been in the last year or so desperate wankers like you with no imagination post pics of any woman in knee socks or opaques on here for a thrill. there's nothing erotic is seeing any woman just standing there with no discernable evidence of sexy nylons showing. but you get your rocks off looking at pictures of the queen's ankles.
  9. sightings. stockings. stocking tops. seams. suspender clasps. hidden or taboo views. keyhole welts. sexy. reifnroced heel and toe. cheeky. thrilling. not your sister at sunday service in an over the knee dress. not tights from primark. are you an accountant, looking for the literal, exact due?
  10. Wow, what a starved lot. Next up: Theresa May ankle pics in flat shoes.
  11. Um, she's perfect ! What a body! Petite and shapely. And perfectly dressed. What a treat!!
  12. Let me know when you're in London. Happy to admire her and pay compliments for you both to enjoy. And to get her primed. :)
  13. You're one of those endless repliers who'll always come back round and round, splitting hairs and countering, or just restating things a different way. A cat's game. But I respect your intellect and thoughtfulness. I have no illusions. I was never in favour of the EU to begin with way back when, and was surprised the elitist UK found a way to join. It's all fodder for fools and the 20 cronies who control all wealth in the world.
  14. just another nice looking woman in everyday run of the mill clothing and tights from boots.
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