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  1. The Snap election campaign was incompetence at its finest! We had the Tories pissing off the public wherever they could (old age care etc) and then Labour promising the world even though they had no chance of delivering it. Unfortunately many of the public (we have one in particular on these forums) do not study or think about politics and take their word at face value and blindly vote for a party that can not deliver on their promises. Hopefully those with intelligence will outnumber those without it, but nothing is guaranteed in a General Election. Labour will continue to promise the world with no chance of delivering and some people will believe it!
  2. SheerBlackFFs: You are interpreting the posts well. What is really laughable is that this buffoon apparently has a degree in the subject. It is a good job that the Brexiteer's got it right, but the remoaners will not see that until it actually smacks them in the face and even then will refuse to believe it! Yep, round and round never saying anything positive about our great Country. I wonder what intellect and thoughtfulness you respect? I have never seen any from this poster!
  3. Most remoaners are so negative and resistant to change and can not see the wood for the trees. Some even think that we are risking our economy by leaving the EU when in fact the truth is that it will grow, industry will know exactly where it stands without outside interference and thrive rather than having the uncertainty of the EU. I have every faith in my country and will back it to the hilt, such a shame that others are so negative!
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    Change UK

    Decency & MP????? Na, sorry that just ain't going to happen 😀😀😀😀😀😀
  5. Exactly correct as you predicted!
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    Every member of the public should be accountable for rubbish and litter. It should be educated in schools. I loved Singapore, not one piece of litter any where. If anyone drops litter in Singapore they are almost immediately told to pick it up. Failure to do so will result in arrest and detention until a fine is paid. Further offences will result in more severe penalties and trust me, they will know! It is a massive police state, although you would struggle to ever obviously see a police officer as they are all plain clothed. Walking past discarded litter is also an offence. Singapore is the cleanest place that I have ever visited and guess what? Correct - No litter 😀 New Zealand was nearly as clean! We have similar laws in the UK although not as severe, unfortunately the Law is not enforced here!
  7. Muslims demand withdrawal of new Air Max trainer that has Allah written on the sole - thoughts https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/just-dont-do-it-thousands-of-muslims-demand-nike-withdraw-insulting-air-max-trainers-that-have-allah-written-on-the-sole/ar-BBSQUSZ?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
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