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  1. On this day

    Or indeed rain forests that are constantly being eradicated for cash gains, the same rain forests that give our planet the oxygen that we require in order for us to breathe and exist!
  2. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    What a horrible despicable man you are! My wife would go nowhere near you, or if she did it would only be so that I could crush you!
  3. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    At least I only look a bit stupid due to lack of apostrophes unlike yourself who appears completely stupid in everything you say or do :-)
  4. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    Alteredbhoy - not sure what bit you are struggling with here? The referendum vote was handed by parliament to the people, the people voted and they voted to leave the EU. Parliaments job (whoever is in power) is to implement that vote, no ifs, no buts. It is Parliament that is failing to implement the democratic vote - end of!
  5. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    Ursula Harrison - Thank you for the reply, it really is quite obvious to me and of course yourself. Unfortunately there is always vitriol if anyone disagrees with Alteredbhoy who on this occasion is unable to see the wood for the tree's.
  6. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    You are even more remarkable in that you have so little intelligence yet you are able to put a sentence together. For a man that has considerably less intelligence than me, you are quite remarkable in so much as you are able to string a sentence together. Parliament is irrelevant, no matter who is in power, from a referendum perspective it is their job to implement the vote that was handed to the people. You can try and dress this up as much as you like or even try and body swerve the question like you normally do, but on this issue it is very clear. Parliament should be implementing this vote that their public voted for and they are failing to do. I am failing to understand your confusion, but perhaps this why my degree is of a higher level than yours.
  7. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Could not sum it up any better myself :-)
  8. Saturday Grand National - To be Re-Run

    Wrong. Parliaments job is to implement the result of the vote that they handed to the people. Despite handing the vote to the people, they are refusing so far to implement the result of it. I am entirely happy with our MP who wants the vote of the people implemented!
  9. I was very disappointed at the result of Saturday's Grand National winning nothing at all. I have therefore started a petition for it to be Re-Run!