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    Mature couple M 65 --F 72 - LOVES SEXY UNDERWEAR AND ALL THAT GOES WITH road driving, squash, flying and travel --oh and attractive mature ladies in s and s
    Getting to understand CD's and TV,s and accepts that each one to their own and basically do not knock it til you have tried it !!! I do not wear, so do not ask, I leave that to Ann she has much better legs than me. Living between UK and France -- always ready to chat -generally Mr on line but sometimes Mrs is there - Just ask to pc no problem - if busy we will advise
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    seamed, ff,rht, in fact anything on Anns legs

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  1. Friday 14th Cobham Fully Fashioned wife

    difficult not to be interested in a pr of legs like that x x
  2. why not use Veet then there is no issues and you can rub it all over your ball bag
  3. New Outfit

    thats awesome --you could model like that for me all day long --but not sure how long the clothes would stay on x x x